Forget the best of 2018, I’m looking into the future. Here are the real predictions for 2019. I turn to astrology because it makes more sense than almost anything else these days. I’ve done my homework and will give you a little highlight from each sign of the Zodiac. These predictions are based on some of the best sources on the internet, so you can bet your life on them.

I’m a Pisces. So we can start there. Lately Mars has been blocking my chi but I’m told that Uranus, the planet of chaos and liberation is moving through my communications sector and I should teach a workshop or do a lecture. I’ve been tempted to lecture some folks but I’m hoping to give that up for 2019. The last thing I’ll say about Pisces is that Jupiter has moved to the top of our chart for the first time in a dozen years. This is the year to push our passions to the limit because the universe has our back. Drive fast and take chances.

Aquarius. You are going to have lots of friends this year. You are a social animal and you could see more “likes” than ever. So keep your eye on your phone. This may come as a shock but some in your network are going to try to ruin everything by borrowing some of your hard-earned cash. The stars are saying to avoid lending money to “friends.”

Capricorn. I have good news. According to “A gorgeous Solar Eclipse in your sign on December 26 will be beautifully connected to Jupiter (also in your sign as of December 2) and at a dazzling angle to Uranus in your 5th House of Expression.” Mark your calendar for July 2. There will be a solar eclipse in your partnership sector, which could lead to love and marriage, baby-making or some serious shacking up. And buy some lottery tickets on July 16. Trust me on this.

Sagittarius. Jupiter is ruling your house, which is exactly what you want. This is your year to turn, “I can’t,” into “Can do.” This is a good year for social climbing as you are going to meet a lot of beautiful and important people. This may come as a surprise: The beautiful and important ones will have your best interests at heart, even though they may have done some shabby things to make their way to the top. Trust them and hold on!

Scorpio. Jupiter is having a busy year and he’s going to help you, too. If material wealth is your passion, better rent a storage unit. You still need to beware of risky investments. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Stay back on January 13, June 16 and September 21 when Jupiter squares with Neptune. And Uranus? I’m glad you asked. Uranus is moving front and center into your relationship sector and you won’t be in the mood for taking any crap. On the other hand, if you are single you may find the one thanks to Uranus.

Libra. 2019 is going to be a game changer. You will have a family-focused year. So focus on the family. You may move or even downsize but the new house will be rock solid. Business opportunities may arise but you will need to balance these with your family ties. Go with it. As for relationships, if you can hang on till March 6 you may stay involved. Otherwise make the split now and get it over with.

Virgo. It’s all about your love life this year. You are not fooling around and will find clarity around what you want. Keep an open mind this year and your beliefs could change for the better. Believe me.

Leo. I have two words for you: MASSIVE CHANGE. Don’t fight it. You need to reinvent yourself and you don’t have any choice. Your lucky break doesn’t come till the end of the year so hang in there.

Cancer. On July 2 a solar eclipse in your sign marks a new beginning. You may even make a significant change to your physical appearance at this time, so schedule the surgery now or plan to get those face tattoos your been wanting. Later in July you will find yourself changing up your relationship with that significant other. This may or may not have something to do with your physical appearance.

Gemini. This year it’s all about the money. The stars are lining up for you to cash in, either through your own maneuvers or that of your partner. Remember, money can’t buy you happiness but it can make a downpayment on something that makes you smile a lot. Get a bigger purse and give some away for God’s sake.

Taurus. I know you don’t like change but change is in your cards so try not to resist. This will be a year of restlessness and flux. Do some yoga and be prepared to be flexible and enjoy a whole new you. Find comfort in your pose.

Aries. You will get unstuck this year. You’ll find that you have something to say and find the most effective way to say it. You will have to grow up this year. Things will get shaken up on the home front but you will be a stronger, better person after the dust settles.

That’s it. I hope you have a great 2019.  Reach Steve Skinner at