While student teaching first grade on an American Air Force Base in England in 1972, I started each morning with a class discussion on the shape of our planet.  Children begin life as the center of their universe, so it was no surprise that almost the entire class joined the “Flat Earth Society”. A lively daily discussion occupied 15 minutes or so, by the end of a month all the students belonged to the “Round Earth Society.”

Obtaining a degree from Elementary School hopefully requires the ability to think outside the boundaries of your personal universe.  Unfortunately, some of those currently in charge of our wonderful nation did not gain that 6th grade threshold.

During a recent interview with outgoing Colorado Governor Hickenlooper, he reported our new Governor Jarid Polis asked him what current projects he had not completed which might be carried on.  Polis began his tenure not by looking for his own legacy, but by asking what legacy might be carried on. Our new Governor began by listening.

A person wrapped up in his own ego does not possess either ears to hear or eyes to see what is happening around his very limited “personverse”.  The end result can be a dictator wrapped up in self-serving decisions resulting in a nightmarish society benefiting no one other than himself and his cronies.

My hope is we can all step up to fight back and fill the leadership void currently plaguing our government.  My efforts are based in local politics, believing the more local the government, the more important it is. Battling at the national level can be very discouraging – local politics brings more immediate rewards as we work together to craft our own home towns.

My plea to you is to get involved.  I am a life-long Democrat. Our local party has slowly grown to the point where we do comprise a majority vote in the eastern, Fraser Valley precincts.  We are a force in the rest of the county. The local party meets every month over dinner, you can join us this next Monday at the Inn at Silver Creek (Grand Manor Restaurant downstairs, back room) from 6-8 for this month’s gathering.

I mean no offence to seniors like me, but these meetings are largely attended by my generation.  Many younger voters were involved during the last presidential election cycle because of the energy brought by Senator Bernie Sanders.  Many left angry after his unfair treatment by the party. My respectful request is to take this anger and turn it into energy to renew the fight.

Many tell me they would rather remain as an “Independent” rather than register with a political party.  By not aligning with a party, you sacrifice any real say in who is nominated for the ballot.

I count as one of the best experiences of my life my run for County Commissioner in the 2016 election.  I’ve always considered myself a better writer than a speaker – appreciating the time given to measuring the written word.  During the first campaign event, sharing the table with five other candidates in a packed small room at the Hot Sulphur Town Hall on a warm summer evening, all I could think about was dodging out the open door behind me.  By the final speaking event a few months later I finally found my voice. Being a party member opens the door to serving as a local office holder.

As a Fraser Town Trustee (town offices are non-partisan) I enjoy conversations concerning local issues.  My fervent hope is not only to understand various viewpoints – but also to hopefully inspire others to become involved and possibly one day take a seat at the board table.  There is no greater joy than stepping outside your boundaries to find a way to serve our community.