One can only wish that all my 2019 predictions will come true.  Wouldn’t it be nice if…

1.     Media outlets stopped reporting on what the Kardashians are doing, saying and wearing.

2.     Comedians were once again funny and forgot all about political humor (which isn’t very funny).

3.     TV shows got less raunchy

4.     TV shows returned to having interesting stories and characters.  I don’t watch TV to see how modern political\social issues are resolved or dealt with by unrealistic characters.

5.     Cable TV news programs had guests that didn’t talk all over each other.

6.     Every single person stopped “following” every single Hollywood actor.

7.     People stopped denying biology and confirmed there are only two genders.  Or at least stop making me live in that make believe world. If you want to call yourself a girl when you have boy parts, fine, but don’t expect me to live on your fantasy island.

8.     Lawmakers got serious about border security and people who overstay their visa.  I’d like a methodical, orderly, purposeful and measured immigration environment where America decides who and how many people enter the country, and where a major factor of such immigration policy is ensuring their entrance will benefit the American society and economy.

9.     Tech companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter stop tracking our every move on-line and stop censoring points of view that are politically incorrect, which is an ever growing list.

10. Political leaders genuinely cared about their citizens and put their energy into helping normal average Americans.

11. Congress agreed to pay a fine of $1,000 per day, per legislator, for every day the government is shutdown.

12. We see a reverse in the breakdown of the traditional nuclear family.

13.  Pro Choice supporters realize that they haven’t considered what choice the fetus would make?  Perhaps they can ask a grown up fetus.

14. More people went to church more often.

15. President Trump cut the number of tweets by 50%.

16. The media would fairly assess the performance of the Trump Administration.

17. People stopped littering altogether and didn’t care about the kind of straw they use.

18. People could agree to disagree.

19. Everyone did one nice little thing for a complete stranger.

20. The Cowboys make it the Superbowl and lose by 50 points.