Typically, when an invading army conquers a nation, they remove the flag of the country they just captured and raise their own country’s flag.  It is a show of strength and tells you who is in charge. On July 12, a group stormed a government facility and replaced the U.S. flag with another country’s flag.  Was this at a U.S. embassy in some lawless third world country? Pirates taking over a ship? Russians overwhelming some remote outpost in Alaska? No, this occurred a mere 100 miles away at an ICE detention facility in Aurora where a group of “protestors” removed Old Glory and replaced it with the Mexican flag.  They also wrote graffiti on a Blue Lives Matter flag and turned it upside down in a show of disrespect and defiance. Nobody stopped them; our leaders did nothing. It was disgusting.

Six months ago, Democrats and their friends in the media were telling us that President Trump was making up the crisis at the border in order to score political points for building a wall.  They are not saying this today, because we are being overwhelmed at the border, but now their talking points have shifted to blaming ICE agents and the detention centers. They are part of the blame America first crowd, and the protestors, as if right on cue, arrived at the Aurora facility.  The inmates are now running the asylum, and the so-called protestors had the sheer gall to remove the American flag and replace with that of a foreign country. They did so because they knew they could get away with it. They insulted all Americans. Let me say it again: Nobody stopped them; our leaders did nothing.  It was disgusting.

One of the 7 deadly sins is pride, essentially putting yourself before God and others.  It can include brooding over offenses, being self centered and arrogant. You can thank the mayors of Colorado’s sanctuary cities, including Denver and Aurora.  Their disregard for the rule of law manifests itself in many ways, including the invasion of an ICE facility. They also desecrated the Thin Blue Line flag, which shows even more contempt for laws and law enforcement officers.    Sanctuary mayors display obscene arrogance that they are king, they know best and get to decide which federal laws are acceptable. Liberals love to accuse President Trump of acting like a tyrant, but sanctuary mayors across the country act like kings, and are the real tyrants.  Democratic lawmakers regularly accuse ICE agents of abuse and want to abolish the agency, so why wouldn’t foreign invaders have the same disdain for every law enforcement officer in America? Liberals constantly praise flag and anthem protestors like Colin Kaepernick and Megan Rapinoe, so why should foreigners show any respect?  (Those two are perfect examples of brooding over offenses, being self centered and arrogant.) Those responsible are not protestors, they are anarchists. Average Americans are expected to follow all laws, but a citizen of a foreign land who has no right to be in this country, well, you get special treatment in sanctuary cities.  Your mayor will roll out the red carpet and give you free stuff. You homeless vets, well, there is a tent city somewhere on the outskirts of town for you. You don’t get special treatment. Your democratic leaders have made it very clear: you no longer matter.

It was an utter embarrassment to be a citizen of Colorado watching the videos of invaders removing our flag.  They mimic our politicians who told them that they are entitled. But that shouldn’t be a surprise when all the Democratic politicians running for president are promising free healthcare for illegal immigrants.  They already get free public education, but they want more. Actually, they demand more. If you question their demands, you can be counted on being called a racist. This is what happens when politicians care more about foreigners than its own citizens.  Liberals try to invoke sympathy and tell us that they are simply migrants who just want a better life. Some probably are, but too many are not. To me, they appear ungrateful and arrogant. I’ve lost all sympathy. The real question is this: Do we really want people who take down our flag to immigrate to this country?

Finally, I would like to invite the Aurora “protestors” and the Democratic “Squad” to join me in September for Constitution Week in Grand Lake.  Perhaps they will learn something about patriotism and respect for our flag. The American flag will be raised for all to see while we sing our national anthem.  And it isn’t coming down. And it won’t be replaced.