If they really cared about black lives, Black Lives Matter wouldn’t be talking about defunding the police and plans to “Disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure”.  A rational thinking person knows that won’t improve the life of the average black person.  If they really cared, perhaps they would talk about why Planned Parenthood concentrates its abortion clinics in black neighborhoods, or black-on-black crime, or how over 70% of black babies are born to unwed mothers, or how many jobs historically filled by blacks are being replaced by illegal immigrant workers, or how many middle class factory jobs have been sent overseas, or how big city school systems are failing poor children of all colors and how they squash school choice initiatives.  No, it is of course much easier to blame “white privilege” and oppressive police who are “hunting down black men”, which is a complete lie.  Researchers (e.g., Harvard) have found that the overwhelming number of police officers do not use excessive force or target minorities.

The Minneapolis police department, which is now being dismantled, is accused of systemic racism.  I guess they forgot that democratic mayors have run Minneapolis for 2 generations.  Why haven’t the Democrats fixed this problem already?  Are they accusing Democrat run cities (with several black council members) and a black police chief of being racist?  Maybe they are not left wing enough?  Where’s the outrage at the failed policies that negatively impacted black lives. 

One way to get power is to guilt the majority in supporting your ideas.  BLM has been effective in convincing white people that they are all to blame for all black inequities, whether real or perceived.  Intimidation works.  Just ask Drew Brees and his wife and they’ll now say that whites are the problem.  Just because of the way you look.  It’s inherent in your DNA.  Hmm, and I always thought judging people simply on skin color was what racism was all about.  It doesn’t matter if you aren’t racist.  It doesn’t matter if you are individually guilty or not, you are collectively guilty if you are white. If you don’t support BLM, whether you are an individual or corporation, there is now a price to pay, whether it is a public apology or losing your job.  Isn’t that what a fascist bully does?  I thought the “woke” crowd didn’t like bullies.  If you dare to question what BLM stands for, well, you are automatically deemed a white supremacist.  Don’t ask questions and don’t criticize, or the woke mob may come for you.

Remember the horror the media expressed when a crowd of mostly white people with guns protested the lockdown restrictions in Michigan?  They received much criticism for not following health safety requirements such as masks and social distancing.  So much for the liberal value of “my body, my choice”.  Do you also remember than no one was hurt and no property was damaged?  Then cities started arresting people who opened up their gym or hair salon too early.  But there’s no problem if you riot, loot and burn that same gym down.  Our so called “health experts” aren’t criticizing the George Floyd protests and riots.  That’s because it was never really about “public health and safety”; it was about political control.  

So what will happen if the police are actually defunded?  It won’t be the utopia these politicians are promising.  Who are you going to call?  The Ghostbusters?  In Minneapolis, the town council has a private security detail, but for the rest of the public, they are implementing “a holistic, public health-oriented approach” to law enforcement.  Good luck!  Crime rates have already risen.  There will eventually be a clamoring for some sense of law and order.  And your very woke government officials will be there to swoop in and solve the crisis.  How you ask?  The “reimagined” police won’t be looking for real crimes, but rather enforcing hate speech laws, diversity quotas and thought conformity on what they consider “settled science”.  You think I’m paranoid?  It has already started with Facebook, which is being boycotted for not censoring enough and Bumble is requiring users to agree to their “values”.  If Joe Biden is elected, you can expect “hate speech” to be criminalized.  I’ve heard critics of President Trump say that you better vote in 2020 like your life depends on it.  I totally agree with them, because the American way of life does depend on it.

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