There is an old saying that if you don’t do it right, you’ll have to do it over. The reasoning is that if you take your time, pay attention to what you are doing and focus on your task, you’ll have a good outcome.  And it won’t require going back and taking more time to fix it. I remember as a teenager being assigned the chore of yard work, which I hated to do. My father would come out and inspect my work, shake his head and point out all the weeds I “forgot” to pull. In all honesty, I was just hoping he wouldn’t notice. And he made me go back to finish the job correctly. He would tell me that the job I was doing had my name on it. Like my own signature. And if the activity has “your name” on it, it better look good, and it better be done right. This is what quality is all about in the business world, and successful companies go beyond having a quality product, they also provide a positive customer experience. Companies that don’t care about quality and the customer experience tend to fail. In political terms, the voters are the “customer” and the “customer experience” is how our lives are impacted by our politician’s decisions. Our American experience is shaped by where our elected officials are focused.

One of the reasons Donald Trump was elected president in 2016 was the elitist attitude of Hillary Clinton exemplified by her comment about Trump supporters being a “basket of deplorables”. The Democrats made a political mistake in 2016 and they haven’t learned anything. In fact, they are worse. The Democrats just can’t understand how or why anyone could vote for Mr. Trump. If you did vote for him, well, there must be something wrong with you. Their attitudes haven’t changed, as shown in the recent episode with Don Lemon, a Democratic activist and CNN host (is there a difference?).  Mr. Lemon, the most condescending person on cable news just can’t help it. He and his guests don’t want to debate policy or put forth convincing ideas about what actions will improve our lives. No, he and his friends just wants to make fun of you, and Mr. Lemon couldn’t stop laughing on live TV. What do you think a Trump supporter or an independent voter is going to do? They must plan on voters thinking, “Oh, golly gee, I guess I should vote for a Democrat so the really smart people on CNN don’t make fun of me.” The Democrat candidates for president have the same attitude and haven’t learned anything from Hillary Clinton’s defeat. They don’t seem to like half of their potential customers. 

When Joe Biden was asked about Trump supporters, he dismissively responded, “They like him because of the tax cut, they like him because he’s a racist.” When Pete Buttigieg was asked whether the Trump Administration’s immigration policy is racist, he responded, “Anyone who supports this is supporting racism.” They don’t make persuasive arguments, they just bully you by calling you names. They don’t think you have a valid point of view. They won’t tolerate you. They don’t want to hear other viewpoints. Only approved woke opinions can be included. The people who lecture you about “tolerance”, “inclusivity” and “anti-bullying” are doing the exact thing they accuse you of doing. They are putting the “cuss” in customer experience.

The Democrats didn’t get a wake up call after the 2016 election. I guess they only got “woke” and continue to show their disdain for middle America.  Did you know “Heartland” is now a racist term? It is hard to keep up. I guess Heartland values such as God, Family and Country are replaced with Climate Change, LGBTQ+ and Open Borders. The Democratic Party has gone far Left in a few short years and many of their ideas are just kooky. But it is worse than that. They aren’t listening to the voters; they focus on progressive platitudes instead of trying to solve real problems. Take Elizabeth Warren’s pledge that as president, she’d let a 9 year old transgender child pick her Secretary of Education. I wouldn’t let a 9 year old decide what’s for dinner. Who needs competency, just as long as you’re “diverse”. Talk about being out of touch with regular people. I’d hate to see what the customer experience would look like under President Warren’s administration.