“There you go again.” candidate Reagan famously quipped to President Carter during a debate in 1980.  The totalitarian Left is at it once again, and it will only get worse as we head towards another presidential election cycle.  Mud season is here; let’s review one example of the recent slinging:

Last month, Google announced the creation of a technology advisory council whose mission is to “guide the development and use of artificial intelligence and advanced technologies in our research and products.”  Sounds like a good idea given the coming power and sophistication of artificial intelligence. Go back and watch the original Terminator movie. Intelligent robots don’t seem like science fiction anymore. Google explained that they wanted diverse viewpoints on the council and one of the seats went to Kay Cole James, the president of the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. James had previously stated that she supports traditional marriage. The Left calls that anti-LGBTQ.  As I am sure you can guess, outrage erupted. This time it was Google employees that made the news, where employees “protested” and 2,800 signed a petition to remove James. Protestors cited that her position supporting traditional marriage amounted to “rhetorical violence” and were upset that Google “endorsed her views, implying that hers is a valid perspective worthy of inclusion in its decision making. This is unacceptable.” This clearly illustrates the new mindset of progressives.  Here’s my interpretation:

  1.     They don’t acknowledge the validity of any other point of view that isn’t their own.  As the protestor said, it is “unacceptable”. The new liberal way of thinking is one of obscene arrogance.  They are so convinced that they are correct in their point of view that any deviation is not just wrong, it’s evil too.  And evil must be crushed. They only believe in free speech, when the speech supports their point of view. This is what totalitarianism looks like, and it is not a pretty face.
  2.     I thought progressives were very concerned about the so-called, “war on women”, yet they had no qualms in attacking this woman for her beliefs.  I thought liberals valued, “tolerance”, “diversity” and “inclusion”? I guess she isn’t the right kind of woke woman. The reality is that they don’t really believe in those principles, they just want conformity.
  3.      They never want to debate the ideas and show how their point of view makes the most sense.  No, they just call you names and say that your words can’t be spoken because its hate-speech and akin to violence?  There is no debate needed if there is only one acceptable view. It has already been settled in their mind. This way of thinking also degrades real violence in the world.
  4.     These snowflakes think they are still on some liberal college campus, where the answer to something they don’t like is to complain to the administration, who usually gives in to the screaming mob.
  5.     Maybe I am old-school, but when I go to work, I actually work, not consider myself a social-justice warrior.  If I were the CEO, anyone who walked off the job to “protest” would be fired. The council is about artificial intelligence, not LGBTQ issues.  They are clearly tramarra-phobes, that is, people who fear the virtues of traditional marriage.
  6.      The ethics and usage of artificial intelligence is an important subject worthy of diverse points of view and vigorous debate.  I don’t see how your point of view on traditional marriage is relevant.
  7.     The protestors were upset that by Google appointing Kay Cole James, they were endorsing her point of view. “Guilt by association” is the new liberal logic. You may want to unfriend anyone who has conservative (or even moderate) views.
  8.     The issue here is the obscene arrogant mindset that stamps out other points of view.  Not everything is about the LGBTQ agenda; get over yourself.

You may be wondering how the great and powerful Oz, oops, I mean Google responded to the “protest”?  A week later, Google disbanded the entire council. Hasta la vista, baby!