For years, people escaped the liberal craziness of the west coast and moved to Idaho, Texas or Colorado.  And yet many of those newcomers vote for the same bad progressive policies that ruined the place they just left.  It doesn’t sound too smart to turn your new home state into a place with the same problems that you just escaped.  So, my question to all progressive Coloradoans who have turned this state blue:  Do you really want to be the next California? 

Gavin Newsome recently issued restrictions for celebrating Thanksgiving dinner.  Is he telling you to come together to be thankful and celebrate the family?  Of course not!  King Newsome wants you celebrate Thanksgiving outside.  That may be enjoyable in Malibu, but I am not so sure about Lake Tahoe.  It’s not clear if he is shipping you a picnic table and I don’t know what people do if they live in a high-rise apartment.  He also requires you to be six feet apart, which turns “pass the potatoes” into a food fight.  But wait, that’s not all since any person serving food must wear a mask and don’t forget to keep it on in between bites.  Have a big family?  You are out of luck as gatherings are limited to three households. 

Singing and shouting is also discouraged.  If you think playing an instrument is better, think again as trumpets, saxophones and flute playing is a big no-no.  And don’t share your food!  What’s next?  Is he going to tell you how many times to chew your food?  You laugh now, but Emperor Newson is just getting started and it is for your own good and for “public health,” which has come to mean whatever the politicians want it to mean.  Your favorite dictator also requires you to have gluten free stuffing, tofu turkey and organic sweet potato pie.  OK, I am making that part up.  Or am I?  I know, it is hard to tell the absurd from reality.  By the way, dinner is restricted to two hours, so you better eat fast.  I hope Governor Polis isn’t listening.  I guess you have a good excuse to leave mom with cleaning all the dishes.  If you want to defy the governor, just say you are holding a BLM rally, and all will be forgiven!

But don’t fret, this is all for your own good.  Don’t bother reading studies that indicate masks don’t keep you safe and the death rate is almost nonexistent for those without pre-existing risks.  Just listen to your trusted politician and their approved “health expert.”  Science is no longer a universal truth, but instead has become political opinion.  Remember when we only had restrictions to “flatten the curve” and to “prevent our hospitals from being overrun”?  So much for the good ole days.  These politicians seized power and they don’t like to give it up.  They really enjoy telling you what to do, don’t they?

Even Grand County officials scold us for having an outbreak that resulted in only two shirt stay hospitalizations and no deaths, yet they want stricter compliance.  They never tell you what success looks like.  If anyone thinks we must achieve zero corona virus cases, you are living in la-la land.  Eliminating all risks is an unachievable goal.  It’s worse than that, it is hurting us.  Politicians don’t address the cost of the lockdowns, including the mental health of children and adults.   We’ve seen increases in suicide, depression, drug use, domestic violence, delayed medical testing and treatment.  I’ve lost faith in government officials.  They don’t address the line where the cure is worse than the disease.  I think we’ve gotten to that point.   The “keep us safe at all costs” costs too much.

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