Can you imagine a world with only half of the police officers that we have now?  You don’t need your imagination, just turn on the TV and see the nightly riots across the country.  If you want chaos, defund the police.  If you’re a business owner or resident in downtown Portland, your property, life and livelihood are at risk, thanks to inept politicians running the city and state.  Very few rioters have been arrested, and those that were, have little to no bail and are let back onto the streets.  I’m sure that is an effective strategy if you support chaos. The next logical question isn’t, “when will it stop?”, but rather “why would it stop?”  

Why wouldn’t these criminals continue to destroy cities across America, night after night?  It’s not merely a desire to reduce the police force, they want to punish the police.  Just ask Letha Winston a Black Lives Matter activist in Portland, Oregon who spoke to a group of rioters, telling police officers “your mother’s umbilical cords should have been wrapped around your neck and choke you the way you choked George Floyd, you filthy animal.”  Of course the crowd cheered and she went on to say “my comrades, I tell them, I know you have a gun, but I have one too” and continued with “put you in the electric chair and fry you like a piece of burnt bacon.  I will continue my mission for justice by any means necessary.”  She is a disgusting person.  She doesn’t want justice, she wants anarchy.  She’s not trying to convince or persuade you, she only wants to coerce you.  Take a minute and imagine if a Pro-Life activist said she wanted to put abortion doctors in an electric chair and fry them?  It would be the exact opposite response from the media compared to their empathy with the looters. The media’s message is clear:  Rioting is OK if you supposedly care about black lives, but who cares about unborn black lives.   

Some BLM activists are calling the looting the first step in “reparations”.  I’m sure the small business owner in downtown Portland wasn’t asked if they felt like donating to the cause.  I doubt the rioters checked to see what skin color the owner was born with.  If it isn’t bad enough that a domestic terrorist organization like BLM is allowed to rule the streets of our cities, it’s even worse when the spineless politicians won’t protect the average citizen. Their message is clear: we don’t care about you and you are on your own. It’s simply the logical result of progessive ideals, and any chaos that makes Donald Trump look bad is cool with them.

The Democratic National Convention included a picture montage in support of BLM, so if Joe Biden wins the election in November you can expect BLM to have even more political power.  The only one that will benefit is a glass replacement company. This is what the Democratic party is all about. The DNC convention was heavily themed in saying “we’re not like Trump”.  Well, that message came through loud and clear. They want to burn things down, not build things up.  They want to remove” under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance and end the pledge with “and liberty and justice for all, someday.” Their drivel is unbearable, but at least it’s very clear what the Democrat leadership values.  Where are all the normal Democrats that don’t want to defund the police?  Where are all the Democrats who believe that all lives matter, not just a trendy slogan by a Marxist organization? Are there any left?

Rioters chant “Death to America”, and burn the American flag. This is not Tehran, Iran, but instead a city near you. Where are all the reasonable Democrats saying that enough is enough and we’re not going to have these rioters destroy the country?  Where are their voices?  I guess they are not awake enough to be allowed to speak. Their silence is violence.  Where are all the Democrats who perhaps don’t believe that diversity is our strength. Because it’s not.  Perhaps they could for just one second, try to focus on celebrating things we have in common. No, that would be way too helpful for the country.  They kept saying during the DNC that your life depends on this election’s outcome.  I agree, if there’s anything that was crystal clear from the Democrat’s convention it’s that you don’t matter unless you fit a certain “victim” criteria, as defined by the Democrats.  Regular folks need not apply.

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