It was only a few years ago that the occasional football player knelt down to protest the national anthem and the country.  Now that disdain for America has permeated all major sports and many college and high school athletes.  Players keep telling us that they are not protesting the country and the flag.  But that’s the event they choose to protest.  If you knelt when a bride walked into the chapel you would be disrespecting the bride, groom and the entire wedding ceremony.  If they really wanted to make a statement, they’d kneel on every play during the game and give their paycheck to a jobs training program for inner city minorities.

Players who don’t kneel and pledge their undying support for Black Lives Matter are now in the minority.  Sports was once a refuge from the daily pressures of life and an escape from politics.  I remember when Hollywood was like that too.  No more, as we now are lectured by pampered athletes living in a bubble.  You have to wonder if these clueless jocks are just going along due to peer pressure, or do they really support the Marxist and destructive organization called Black Lives Matter?   Let’s recap:  BLM wants to dismantle the nuclear family, defund the police, impose reparations, encourage abortions, and push an aggressive LGBTQ agenda.  They want to achieve these goals by burning down the system.  I’ll say it out loud:  BLM doesn’t care about black lives, as they riot, pull down statues and remind you to say the name of George Floyd.  They want to destroy things rather than improve lives.  Does BLM care about David Dorn, a retired black police officer who was killed by rioters in St. Louis trying to defend a small business?  Of course not.  Are they saying his name?  Are they having “peaceful protests” in his honor?  Don’t hold your breath.

Woke progressives command you to “Do the Work!” to get educated about racism.  Are those who support BLM “Doing the Work” to learn about what BLM is really about?  BLM perpetuates the myth of white privilege, and the lie that the country is fraught with systemic racism to disallow success for minorities.  They reject the notion of personal responsibility in favor of the falsehood that outcomes are based on your race.  But make no mistake, BLM is a powerful organization, just ask the owner of Palmetto Cheese after Costco pulled the brand from its shelves when the owner criticized BLM. 

Burgess Owens, a former NFL player and author said this about kneeling during the national anthem, “It is about the flag, period.  This country is the greatest country in the world.  Don’t let your white guilt destroy my race.”  Mr. Owens is black, and he speaks and writes about serious issues, which is more interesting than pointless and meaningless newspaper articles about a chooch dog, squirrels and the streaking phenomenon.  Alas, the results of legalizing pot.

Cleveland Browns star Baker Mayfield said that he wasn’t concerned about losing fans and that he didn’t care what people think about him kneeling for the anthem.  Perhaps I’ll start a new organization, ADM, “Athletes Don’t Matter” and he can be the poster boy.  Jerry Glanville, former coach of the Atlanta Falcons once quipped to a referee, “this is the NFL, and that stands for ‘not for long’ when you make those kinds of calls.”  NFL ratings are down, and I am not surprised as many Americans are sick and tired of sports being politicized.  Fans are tuning out and I am a former fan that no longer cares about what happens on any given Sunday.  I have a new acronym for the NFL that sums up what many are now experiencing:  No Feelings Left.

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