Trump Derangement Syndrome is alive and well.   Simple name-calling is a weak argument and makes you sound like a 4th grader.  But this syndrome goes farther, because those in the resistance against Trump seek to destroy those who don’t hate Trump, or worse, support him.  And who could be more offensive than Mr. Trump himself? The deplorables who dared to vote for him are the real evildoers, after all, they’re the reason he won the election!  (Sorry Democrats, it wasn’t collusion with Russia.) Dare to wear a MAGA hat in the wrong place, and the derangement will manifest in seemingly normal places.

1-Tom Brady of the New England Patriots had the audacity to have a MAGA hat in his locker back in 2015, but that didn’t stop actor Chris Evans (Avengers:  End Game) from commenting about Brady after their 2019 Superbowl win. Evans is from Massachusetts and is a known Patriots fan. However, he said, “I really hope he is not a Trump supporter…If he is still on that Trump Train, I might have to cut ties.  I’m just hoping he’s woken up”. Once again, a so-called liberal acts with massive intolerance. Are liberals now so deranged and full of obscene arrogance that they cannot associate with someone who has a different point of view? The dictionary defines arrogance as “an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumptions”.  Arrogance becomes obscene when you want to punish anyone who disagrees with your point of view. You’re pretty shallow if you require your friends to think like you do. You’ll also probably see a decline in your number of friends. What is Mr. Evans so afraid of? So much for the foundation of liberal ideology: tolerance, inclusion and diversity.

2-A 74 year old man had the sheer nerve to wear a MAGA hat in a Starbucks.  Obviously, he came in to stir up trouble, especially since he had the gall to wear it in Palo Alto, CA.  This town, halfway between San Jose and San Francisco, is full of very woke people. Rebecca Mankey started yelling at this man inside Starbucks saying, “Hey, everybody come here!  This guy’s a racist!”. The man went to leave and she followed up with, “get the f*** out of my town.” She conducted herself in a very classy way, don’t you think? She later wrote on her Facebook page that she was “going to publicly shame him in town and try to get him fired and kicked out of every club he is in.”  Her goal was to embarrass and intimidate the man. She wanted him to be afraid because according to her, he held the “wrong” opinions, even though she never engaged him in any conversation. The new liberal tactics are not to change hearts and minds, but to intimidate and crush dissent. There are many rude people in this world, but notice what the woman said about wanting to shame him and get him fired.  I hope he is retired. She wants to inflict pain. She wants to be cruel. What kind of person acts this way towards a total stranger? The answer: someone with obscene arrogance. Did he deserve this treatment for the extreme crime of wearing a MAGA hat? Where are the mainstream Democrats condemning this behavior? I suspect they are afraid to speak up. My advice to the man: resist the Resistance.

3-Atsu Mable was physically attacked by two men and Maryland police arrested them and they face charges of robbery, attempted theft and assault.  The police believe the attack was initiated because Mr. Mable was wearing a MAGA hat. Did you see the massive media coverage of Jussie Smollett, Al Sharpton, and the Democratic presidential candidates calling for justice in this obvious “hate” crime?  Me neither. Mr. Mable committed the worse offense possible in the eyes of those with Trump Derangement Syndrome: he’s a black man who’s also a Trump supporter, so he must be the real villain and deserves to be attacked.

4-And finally, we have the school shooting in Highlands Ranch, where many media outlets failed to mention that one of the perpetrators was in “gender transition”.  That fact may or may not be relevant to the shooter’s motive, but you can bet your paycheck that if he was wearing a MAGA hat and a “Jesus Saves” t-shirt, with a “March For Life” bumper sticker on his car, the media stories would be leading with those details and categorizing him as an alt-right white supremacist motivated by President Trump’s constant  “hateful rhetoric”. The media bias is constant, obvious, predictable and telling. And as Baretta used to say: You can take that to the bank.