If you thought that the Biden administration would stop the craziness in this county, you’d be seriously mistaken.  Let’s explore four tidbits:

1-A University of Chicago professor caused an uproar when he complained that the university’s hiring policies did not seek to hire the best candidates, but instead “the only hires that will be considered are for women and/or underrepresented groups.”  Faculty were also told “if you are just hiring the best people, you’re part of the problem.”  Let that sink in, as the qualifications which are valued are not ability, education and experience but rather what you look like or how you “self-identify”.  I thought that putting a value (positive or negative) on skin color or ethnicity was a pretty clear indicator of racism.  But this is 2021, and racism is only acceptable if is targeted in certain direction, and it can change on the whim of wokeness.  By the way, don’t think that being Asian gets you minority status, as they are less welcome on college campuses than whites.   The underlying message is insulting to the people that the nutty professors are trying to help, the so-called marginalized groups.  The real message is that they’re so woefully inadequate and non-competitive that the only way they can join the prestigious staff at the University of Chicago isn’t based on merit, but rather having certain DNA.  What an incentive to work hard and earn your way to the top!  I’m sure many parents are happy to shell out huge dollars so their children can be taught by mediocre and less qualified professors.  But hey, they’re woke, so that makes up for everything.

2-Last month, March 8 marked “International Women’s Day” where they seek to “forge a gender equal world.”  OK, so then why do so many progressives want males to compete in girls\women’s sports?  That doesn’t sound fair or equal to me.  I hate to break it to the woke crowd, but you can’t change your DNA by simply having “feelings” and magically change into a certain gender.  Surgery and taking powerful hormone “treatment” can’t change your DNA either.  That’s the true science, yet the progressive crowd who are constantly ordering us to “trust the science” seem to forget their 9th grade biology class.  So where are the other 60 gender day celebrations?  What about all those maverique gender people, don’t they deserve a day?  Never heard of maverique?  Let me educate you, for it is a “nonbinary gender identity that emphasizes the inner experience of gender for people who experience gender or have a core gender identity that’s independent of existing categories and definitions of gender, such as male or female, man or woman, masculine or feminine, and androgynous or neutral.”  I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. 

3-The 63rd Grammy award show last month was the lowest rated in history, continuing a multiyear downward trend.  And yet, instead of the celebrity crowd wondering why their ratings decline they decide to showcase Cardi B’s raunchy dance moves and vulgar song, WAP.  (look it up if you want to be grossed out).  Is this what we want America’s daughters to aspire to?  Super woke women will tell you the patriarchy is the problem, but I merely have to point to celebrated stars such as Cardi B as proof that girls are in desperate need of positive role models. Can’t we do better than Cardi B?

4-Perhaps Cardi B’s performance made you cringe, but don’t scream about it, especially if you are on a rollercoaster in California, as they consider a ban on theme park yelling.  All to protect your health and safety.  Have these people ever been to an amusement park?  Have they ever been around kids?  Good luck enforcing the “no-yell” rule.  California sure does elect the best and brightest, wouldn’t you agree…but, please don’t move to Colorado.

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