Most of the Democratic presidential candidates want to give free healthcare to illegal aliens.  Wouldn’t it be nice if Democrats cared more about their own citizens instead of foreigners? Let’s see, 22 million people with a $10,000 yearly cost equates to $220 billion, which will cost $630 for every American citizen per year.  That’s per person, not per household. So a household of four pays $2,520 every single year for non citizens who have ignored our laws. That’s in addition to the free K-12 education children of illegal aliens cost the American taxpayer.  I thought Democrats wanted people to pay their “fair share”. That doesn’t seem fair to the average American, does it? But don’t fret, if Elizabeth Warren becomes president and implements Medicare For All, we’ll all save a bunch of money under that plan. 

The new trend on college campuses is to remove clapping and replace it with something called “jazz hands”, where you move your hands quickly in a motion that looks like you are waving to someone.  Apparently the clapping has caused anxiety among some students. Will the next generation grow up to be a bunch of cry babies? They are on the Stanford campus where students are upset that the college invited speaker Ben Shapiro. They are very concerned that his “talk” would put marginalized groups at risk. Maybe they need to retreat to their safe space until the coast is clear. Wouldn’t it be nice if colleges were teaching kids to be self reliant instead of being victims?  I know older generations always think the younger generation is less impressive, but this time I think it’s really true.

I’ve criticized celebrities before, but no more since John Legend and Kelly Clarkson have come to save the day. Thank goodness my Christmas playlist can be mightily improved with the modern politically correct version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. I am not sure how a 75 year old song got so much attention for having unacceptable lyrics in the #MeToo era verses the real filth and women hating lyrics from rappers like Drake, 50-Cent and Lil Wayne. Maybe John Legend only listens to music from the 1940’s, or maybe he’s a hypocrite and doesn’t want to criticize his pals. Wouldn’t it be nice if celebrities stuck to their job instead of lecturing the rest of us?

The Washington Nationals won the World Series and many players visited the White House, including a player who wore a MAGA hat.  Of course Twitter had a conniption and the liberal media responded to scold the player and point out that politics should be kept out of sports.  I agree with that, yet the same media people lauded over Colin Kaepernick bringing politics into sports with his anthem protest, and they quickly relish whenever a sports figure criticizes the president.  Wouldn’t it be nice if just once, they’d stop being hypocritical partisans and just be consistent?

Wouldn’t it be nice if kids were allowed to have a childhood?  Many parents are upset in Canada because a teacher showed a YouTube video about gender identity to 6 year olds in which the video told the kids, “some people aren’t boys or girls”.  The teacher then asked students to identify themselves on the gender spectrum. (Gee, and here I thought they were busy teaching kids what 2 + 2 equals.) All of this is bad enough, but it gets worse when one girl placed herself on the most female part of the spectrum, and the teacher responded, “girls are not real, and boys are not real.”   As you might imagine, this was upsetting to the girl, yet the school administration did nothing to stop such teaching. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: your kids are being indoctrinated by the LGBTQ militant activists.

It’s not much better in this country when the Austin Texas school administration ignored complaints from parents about their middle schoolers being taught that gender is non-binary and how to safely engage in sodomy and condom usage. The curriculum discourages using words such as “mother” and “father” because it limits gender understanding.  I think the school district has lost their minds. Parental concerns are being brushed aside for left wing ideology and it is happening everywhere. Wouldn’t it be nice if they taught kids math skills instead of LGBTQ indoctrination? But then who needs math, as the Seattle school board will tell you, math is racist. I guess the kids don’t need history either, when in San Francisco they paint over a school mural of George Washington.  But a new mural has popped up in the city. Who would be worthy of adorning the side of a building? None other than rock star climate activist Greta Thunberg. I don’t make this stuff up. Think it can’t get worse? Think again.

The Washington, D.C. city council is considering an ordinance to legalize prostitution. D.C. is already a swamp and this will just add to degradation.  But this is not isolated and is part of a larger trend that is glorifying sex work. Teen Vogue featured an opinion article by a doctor titled, “Why Sex Work Is Real Work.”  Is supposed to be empowering for women? Do they really think that this is a way to gain more respect for women? And why is this featured in a teen magazine? But it shouldn’t be a surprise when Amazon and Etsy sell “Daddy’s Little Slut” t-shirts. It seems like this goes against what modern feminism is all about.  And here I thought women didn’t want to be objectified. What’s next, will sex work be part of the high school guidance counselors list of career paths? Wouldn’t it be nice if teen magazines went out of business?