The snow is coming down in the Colorado mountains, but this isn’t the only place where there are lots of snowflakes.  More proof that we live in a mad, mad, mad, mad world:

1-Proctor and Gamble, under pressure from trans activists have agreed to pull the female symbol of Venus from their Always brand sanitary napkins.  (I still can’t figure out why they’re called napkins, but I digress.) An offended person asked, “Could someone tell me why it is imperative to have the female symbol on their sanitary products?  There are non-binary and trans folks who need to use your products too you know.” So here is where reality has splintered. If you are a biological man that wants to be a woman, why would a Venus symbol of womanhood be offensive?  It’s how you identify as, right? But “identifying” is not the same as reality because if you are a man in “transition” to a woman, no matter how much surgery you have or hormone pills you take, you’ll never have your period. So why would you need, let alone purchase feminine hygiene products?   The answer is below.

2-Men have periods too, didn’t you know?  Ads for new Thinx underwear tell viewers that its “underwear that absorbs your period.”  I guess they are putting the “men” in “menstruation”. The video advertisement opens up with a distraught young teen boy telling his father, “I think I got my period.”  Does the dad laugh it off, tell the boy to come back to the real world or ask him if he learned this at the drag queen story hour at the local library? Of course not, the dad hugs him and tells him that it’s part of growing up.  Huh? Who actually believes this conversation is possible? Maybe these people need to wake up instead of being so “woke”. Reality no longer matters. I must have been given the wrong talk about the birds and bees, because it left out what to do when I start my period.  Luckily, it hasn’t started yet. How do people say these things out loud with a straight face? I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure guys don’t menstruate. See I told you it’s a mad world, but there is more.

3-Yahoo News writer Kelly Gonsalves tries to explain why men can have their period with “science”, stating “It’s a lack of understanding biological reality.  So yes, men can have periods. In fact, anyone of any gender can have a period.” I think it is Ms. Gonsalves who lacks an understanding of science. Only people that have a uterus can get their period.  Period. (pun intended) And if you have a uterus, you’re a woman, no matter how much you may wish physical reality to be different. It’s literally in your DNA. There was some pushback about Always brand removing the female symbol, and Ms. Gonsalves’s article was in response because, “it’s a lack of understanding”. This is why trans activists in schools and universities are indoctrinating your children. They need to be reeducated with the new “science”.  It’s maddening.

4-Professor Kusz from the University of Rhode Island wrote a book and called out Tom Brady’s popularity due to the rise in “white rage and white supremacy”.  He blamed Donald Trump, of course. Whether you love Tom Brady or love to hate him, I don’t think it is a stretch to say that he is popular because of his accomplishments. It is hard to believe that stating the most obvious would be a controversy to professor Kusz. The implication of Kusz’s thought process is that success is begotten from your skin color. And if you are a successful white male, Kusz is arguing that such achievement was at the expense of others. That assumes a static financial pie, as opposed to a society where wealth can be created (not redistributed). That is a quick way to foster racial tensions and it’s beyond dumb, it’s dangerous.  Kusz’s premise is to forget about the reality of Tom Brady’s inherent talent, hard work, talented teammates and coaches. 

5-Before Halloween, USA Today provided a costume guide for parents so as not to offend anyone with “cultural appropriation”. The liberal law is “don’t dress in anyone’s else’s culture”.  Of course, that assumes that culture has an actual owner, there is no overlap and an individual can only have one culture, which is completely incorrect. Are you a fan of the Disney character Moana?  Don’t do it unless you are 100% Polynesian. You better have your DNA test results ready for public review. You’d think liberals would be happy to see popular characters such as Moana portrayed by kids of all colors.  But no, they’d rather solve non-existent problems and see who might be offended. It’s a mad world out there. They forgot that dressing up in costumes is “pretend”. Next Halloween, I think I’ll dress up in blackface and go as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. What could go wrong with that?

On the surface, these examples seem laughable, and they are, but what about impressionable young people who take this seriously?  It goes beyond crazy and becomes harmful. If you are unfamiliar with the 1963 movie, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, check it out.  It is “G” rated, and unlike modern movies, it’s actually funny.