Believe it or not, it’s been 25 years since Alanis Morissette sang about situations that were “ironic”.  Perhaps new media darling running for the Democratic presidential nominee never heard the song. Pete Buttigieg is a proud supporter of pay equality, but isn’t it ironic that his actions are the exact opposite?   He recently touted that his campaign staff is 53% women and that women are paid 11% higher than the men. He did this all in the name of “equality”. As usual, liberal Democrats never read their own press releases.  In order to promote “equality”, he decides to pay people unequally. Hmm? That doesn’t sound fair to me. It sounds arbitrary, rather than hiring people for their skills and experience. His hiring practice is based on DNA, and if you have the wrong DNA, you get paid less.  Does he not see the problem of lifting one group by punishing another? That sounds like a pretty good example of discrimination, doesn’t it? Don’t you think the men on his staff will feel marginalized and disenfranchised? Isn’t he worried about their hurt feelings and being the cause of their low self esteem?  And if the men are on their period, wow, they will really feel bullied. But Mayor Pete knows no bounds of hypocrisy.

The LBGTQ militant bullies are at it again, with Chick-fil-A announcing that it will no longer donate to Christian based charities such as the Salvation Army.  Isn’t it ironic that gay activist for years have preached “tolerance”, yet they are the most intolerant people? CFA has experienced the wrath of the bullies not for actually discriminating against homosexuals in the workforce or in their restaurants, but because of the charities they favor.  “THE GAYS HAVE WON” declared Zach Stafford of the LGBTQ Advocate magazine. But I doubt the alphabet bullies will be satisfied with a change in CFA donation plans. They will want more and won’t stop until CFA is sponsoring a “pride” parade and a rainbow flag flies at every restaurant. But what is more interesting are the headlines, such as from ABC news, “CFA ends donations to anti LGBTQ organizations”.  Notice they didn’t say, “Pro traditional marriage supporters bullied by hate filled LGBTQ activists.” The mainstream media news organizations think they are journalists, but we all know they are activists. They don’t even hide it anymore. Their “news” articles and especially the headlines sneakily try to move public opinion. But it is not just the news media outlets, it also happens on daily primetime television.

Isn’t it ironic that we were told that legalizing “gay” marriage would have no effect on anyone but the happy couple?  We were told that “love is love”, and gay marriage won’t impact your life. Yet, gay activist group GLAAD was pleased to report last month that slightly over 10% of all television characters are LBGTQ, the highest its ever been.  It’s no surprise to anyone watching television. You can’t watch a TV show without having the now required gay character, which seems to be thrown in to appease the militants, rather then for plot relevancy. But GLAAD is not glad enough about 10% representation, as they are pressuring the industry to move the percent of LGBTQ characters up to 20% over the next five years.    But it isn’t just in prime time, since your kids can watch same sex kissing scenes on the Disney Channel (e.g., Andi Mack). Think the Disney cartoons are exempt? Think again, Disney cartoons have same sex kissing scenes too. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again: your kids are being indoctrinated by the LGBTQ activists.

Even gay people are not exempt from the attacks from the LBGTQ militants.  There is only one way to think and act and only one type of friend you are allowed to have as Ellen DeGeneres recently found out.  Her crime? Hanging out with George Bush at a Dallas Cowboys game. The real crime in my humble opinion, is rooting for the dreaded Cowboys. As usual, a Twitter firestorm erupted letting Ellen know of her mortal sin.  Isn’t it ironic that liberals always want to point out “teachable moments”, yet they missed out what could have been a teachable moment that people of different political persuasions can get along and still be friends.