The coronavirus has starkly revealed America’s lopsided relationship with China.  And it’s not in our favor. China produces over 95% of the antibiotics used in this country and they also supply many of the ingredients for pharmaceuticals manufactured here.  That extreme one-way dependence might kill you. Who do you think China is going to prioritize to receive critical medicine? It won’t be Americans, but it gets worse. China’s state-controlled news service Xihua stated a few weeks ago, “If China retaliates against the United States at this time, in addition to announcing a travel ban on the United States, it will also announce strategic control over medical products and ban exports to the United States.”  That’s a threat we must take seriously. Importing from China worked fine in the past, but that was all predicated on each country playing nice and honoring agreements. That all sounds good on paper until it doesn’t work in reality. 

Manufacturing and jobs in many industries have moved to China over the past few decades, so you can blame politicians from both sides, who are supposed to be putting our interests first.  It’s a clear failure of leadership that the last penicillin plant in the USA closed 16 years ago. But maybe the wake up call has sounded since Senator Tom Cotton is putting forth a bill that determines what critical drugs are imported and provides incentives to move manufacturing back to the United States.  It’s a good start.

President Trump has continually referred to the pandemic as the Chinese coronavirus, and the predictable reaction was to denounce it as racist.  I wonder why he referred to it as the Chinese coronavirus? Oh yeah, that’s where it started! The coronavirus came from China, specifically the Wuhan district, and China covered it up for weeks, and Chen Qiushi, the journalist who covered the story in the early stages has mysteriously gone missing.  Then China blamed the U.S. military for creating the virus. Let’s not forget that SARS and HINI came out of China too. That’s being accurate, not racist, but as usual, the woke progressives focus on the unimportant. 

It is very common to link a name to a certain diseases.  For example, West Nile virus came from, you guessed it, Africa, or Lyme disease, named after the outbreak was discovered in Old Lyme, Connecticut.  The German measles was named after a new strain was discovered by a German scientist. The Spanish Flu was named as such because many people in Spain got sick, including King Alfonso.  My criticism is squarely aimed at the Chinese government, not its citizens. I don’t think anyone blames the average Chinese citizen for the virus, but the loudest liberals just can’t help bringing race into every subject. 

Let’s be clear, China is not a friend to America, yet you wouldn’t know that from some media outlets who have praised China for their response to the virus outbreak.  Every media outlet initially called it the Chinese or Wuhan coronavirus until suddenly declaring it racist after the Chinese government complained about the moniker. But this isn’t the first time American corporations rush to China’s defense.  Remember a few months ago when the NBA and its players were very concerned about offending China over its crackdown of the Hong Kong protestors? And don’t forget when Apple had to remove a Taiwan flag emoji and a Marriott employee was fired after liking a tweet that was pro Tibet.  That angered Beijing, so they quickly updated their maps. Bow to China or else you’ll face the consequences as several American journalists know after being expelled from China last week. That is what an authoritarian regime really looks like. China, who is the world’s biggest polluter, and has a long history of mistreating its minorities, women and gays is constantly being defended by the progressive woke crowd.  Do they fail to see the contradiction? Why are they letting them off the hook?