It is OK to offend anyone in America as long as they meet any of the following criteria:  white, male, straight, conservative living in fly-over country, gun owning, law abiding, flag waving, anthem standing, church going Christian, who kneels before the cross, and who respects the police and the military and someone not on welfare.  Know anyone like that? When you are all of them, let me tell you, it’s tiring to be blamed for society’s woes and not allowed to criticize the darlings of the progressive left. I thought we were ALL supposed to be treated fairly and equally. I guess some are just more equal than others.

Get real about racism:  Examples of racism aren’t what they used to be.  I define racism as treating people different because of their skin color or country of origin.  But today, progressives lecture us about how any criticism about non whites is racism while simultaneously accepting racism against us old white men.  

           1-A few months ago, President Trump supposedly called Haiti a sh***hole country when discussing immigration.  He was quickly denounced as a racist for criticizing a country that has some of the most corrupt officials, least educated population who are very poor and live in unsanitary conditions.  Never mind that it is all true, but because Haiti is populated with black people, such criticism must be considered racist by the progressive left. The Haitian circumstances are real, and criticism is warranted, but their skin color is irrelevant.  If liberals, especially media types, put as much energy into helping the Haitian people as they do in making fake claims of racism, conditions in Haiti might improve.

           2-The New York Times recently hired Sarah Jeong to its editorial board.  She had many tweets railing against white men, such as “its kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men”.  There are many additional samples from her with more colorful language, but because she’s an immigrant from South Korea, I guess it is OK to denigrate people who look a certain way, treating them as a group instead of as individuals.  Liberals defended her “free speech”. Imagine if some old white guy said a similar thing about Asians, blacks, latinos or muslims? He probably wouldn’t get a prestigious job at the New York Times. Hypocrisy?

           3-There has been much criticism (including from me) of NFL players kneeling and other signs of disrespect during the national anthem.  The defenders point to the players “rights” and that the critics are racist. Hogwash. No one has suggested that the players be arrested, rather it is their behavior as individuals that is being condemned.  Again, it is not their skin color that matters, it is their actions. But, once again, criticism of certain people is not allowed by the politically correct crowd at major newspapers and cable shows.

           4-And I.C.E. agents aren’t part of the immigration problem.  The overblown notion that children are ripped from the arms of their mother is a symptom of the real problem.  The root cause is the decision the parents made to illegally come to this country. There are legal means, and many people use those means, but these parents willingly and knowingly chose to immigrate the wrong way.   Bad things happen when you don’t listen, I used to tell my kids, well, bad things can happen when laws are snubbed. The I.C.E. agents are simply enforcing the law, and it’s not racist to enforce the laws, and progressives should stop making excuses for them.  Illegal immigrants put themselves and their children in the situation. There is a better way, part of it is reform and the other part is better behavior. But, do you hear that part mentioned on the cable news shows? On the animal farm of the cable newsroom, some animals are more equal than others.