When I entered the 10th grade, I was under five feet tall and weighed about 100 pounds, the second smallest guy in my class. It would be accurate to predict that being so small in 10th grade would result in getting picked on. This consisted of the typical pushing in the hallways or a punch in the arm. I never felt like my life was threatened and was never really physically harmed. I countered this by joining the wrestling team.  But being on the JV team in the 105 pound weight class wasn’t going to impress anyone. I was a decent athlete for my size, so at least I could hold my own in gym class. I was a difficult target in dodgeball. I occasionally offered my homework answers to the “bullies” and essentially didn’t have any further problems. I learned to “deal with difficult people” and got mentally tougher. I also got really good in dodgeball. I grew up and it all worked out.

But modern bullies seem to have amped up the cruelty, and the internet makes it widely known who is being tormented both physically and mentally. It is easy to be mean while sitting behind a computer screen. Schools will always have bullies, but aren’t we supposed to mature after high school?

We have adult bullies too, and not just any adult, but those in political power and leadership positions. What are we to think when Eric Holder says, “When they go low, we kick ‘em” and when Hillary Clinton says that the time to be civil with Republicans is over, and when Maxine Waters says “If you see them anywhere, if you see them at a restaurant, if you see them in a department store, even at a gasoline station, just tell them, ‘You’re not welcome here or anywhere.”?  Democrats are encouraging aggressive confrontation. So, it is no surprise to see the daily video of someone being shouted down at a restaurant, or mobs banging on the doors of the Supreme Court or Anti-Fa trying to intimidate people in the streets of downtown Portland. Notice how they don’t say “let us show you how our ideas are better”. They want intimidation. Like Maxine says, you and your different ideas are not welcome anywhere. That plays well with the far-left, but not so much with regular people.

But what is likely to happen next? These Democrats expect you to fall into line and feel guilty for not agreeing with them. After all, CNN will tell you so. They want you to keep quiet and let them control everything; they are morally superior, and know what is best, or weren’t you smart enough to realize that?  The average person who doesn’t follow politics closely will be turned off by these tactics, and conservatives are getting FED UP with being told they are the problem. I am so very tired of being told by Democrats that my point of view is illegitimate. And you thought liberals preached tolerance, well that would only be for views they agree with, otherwise you’re more than just wrong, you are a bad person.  Their message is simple: If you don’t agree with us, you need to fixed or be punished.

In the hypersensitive world of social media, liberals are quick to call anyone with a different opinion a racist, sexist, homophobe or white supremacist.  (It is pretty entertaining when they call someone a white supremacist and they turn out to be black, such as Candace Owens.) Regular people are not going to be bullied into submission.  Regular people are too busy working, paying the bills and living their life to pay attention to much of the nonsense. But they can only be pushed so far. Regular people will fight back.  The Democrats have forsaken the regular people, as they care more about the plight of foreign migrants than ordinary Americans. Why? I think it is because they honestly don’t care about middle America.  They’ve written you off. You no longer matter. The backlash is coming. Stay tuned.