I always wondered why great nations and civilizations throughout history have crumbled.  I think I now understand.  Sometimes the destruction comes from within, so let’s explore:

1-Our elected dictators, err, I mean elected officials decided to restrict gym and restaurant use to 25%, even though there is no science showing that those businesses are super spreaders.  Why would they discourage gym use, where people go to exercise to stay in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle?  Perhaps our so-called “health experts” forgot that exercise improves your immune system.  The people making the restrictions never reduce their paycheck to 25%, yet they don’t seem too worried about the impact on small businesses.

2-If you need more proof that those in charge don’t know what they are doing, just consider the imposed 10:00p.m. curfew.  As we all know, the virus is ten times more deadly starting exactly at 10:01pm.  And one hundred times worse if it’s a full moon.  The virus droplets are like little vampires, don’t you know?  This is the best solution they can come up with?  We’ve been under various lock downs and required mask wearing for months, yet we are currently seeing a spike in positive cases (there’s more testing too, but ignore that tidbit).  Keep in mind that Illinois has one the highest infection rates and has imposed one of the strictest lockdowns and mask mandates.  Most “experts” have been wrong about pandemic predictions, so excuse me if I am a bit skeptical.  Mask worshipping isn’t working, and the only solution the county commissioners can come up with is more lockdowns and more mask wearing, with a little bit of scolding from the county clerk!   You can protect the vulnerable without punishing the healthy but instead they want to do more of what isn’t working.  Brilliant.

3-Speaking of brilliant, the East Grand School District is considering a new sex ed program (voting December 15).  While Rights, Respect and Responsibility sounds like a good title, the devil is in the details.  One only has to look as far as Lesson #2 for the Kindergarten class where students will be told “Most people have a vulva and a vagina or a penis and testicles but some people’s bodies can be different.”  And teachers are to ask, “Who has a vulva?  Girls, boys or both?”  I’m embarrassed to write this in a family newspaper.   Both boys and girls can have the same body part?  This lesson plan is biologically non-factual and is ideologically driven.  Despite progressive’s insistence that gender is fluid, that’s not reality.  Teaching this isn’t Kindergarten age appropriate at all and screams of a left-wing agenda driven lesson plan.  First grade isn’t any better with reading books titled, My Princess Boy.  These people don’t want tolerance, they want indoctrination, and if you disagree, they will punish you.

4-Speaking of punishment, Democrats have already put together the Trump Accountability Project, looking to collect a list of Trump appointees, donors, supporters and service providers.  Even the White House secretaries are on the list.  The purpose, according to Robert Rubin, former Clinton Labor Secretary is to “prevent them from ever being gainfully employed.”  Apparently, the old saying of “Let’s agree to disagree” is too civil.  Twitter and Facebook are on board with this philosophy by shutting down accounts that don’t toe the progressive line.  They want to punish and cancel you.  And hardship will come if their personal information is made public.  So much for liberals preaching “tolerance” and “inclusion.”  And the liberal voters elected politicians who will defund the police, so they’ll have no one to call for help.  Nice bunch of people, huh?

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