Elections do have consequences.  Joe Biden hasn’t even been in office one month, so it is no shock that the craziness continues.  Here are 7 unlucky examples.

1-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi led the vote to remove all gendered pronouns for use in the House of Representatives.  You can’t say man, woman, father, daughter and etc.  It was then pointed out that her webpage refers to her as a “mother” and “grandmother.”  I guess she forgot to read her own memo.  Since there is no such thing as a woman, is it now impossible to be sexist or a male chauvinist?  Bring back Bobby Riggs.  She must have forgotten to mention that to her colleague Rep. Cleaver.

2-Democrat representative Cleaver performed the opening prayer for the 117th Congress by concluding with “Amen and Awoman.”  I can’t make this stuff up.  He is supposedly a pastor so you’d think he would know that the word “Amen” has nothing to do with being a male.  It is a nongendered Latin word for ‘so be it.’  I am sure all the women in the world feel so much better and feel more included knowing that churches everywhere will end prayers with “Awoman.”  But I though the word “woman” wasn’t allowed?  I am so confused.

3-Democrats explained that removing gender pronouns represents their values.  But, what are their values?  Progressives tell us they want to empower women, but they want to eliminate the virtues of being a woman.  Is anyone else confused?

4-The cancel culture is nowhere close to being cancelled.  Just ask retired baseball player Curt Shilling whose insurance policy was cancelled because he supported President Trump.  But I thought it was discrimination to refuse service based on one’s political orientation?  The left jumped all over bakeries which refused to make cakes for gay weddings but if you support the wrong political candidate, they conclude that you are inciting violence with hate speech. 

5-Parler, a social media company that’s popular with conservatives and is an alternative to Twitter was effectively put out of business when Google and Apple wouldn’t allow its users to download the program.  And then Amazon, who hosted the company’s data, stopped providing service.  The message is clear, if you don’t adhere to the liberal view you will be punished and put out of business.  Big Tech is the new “Axis of Evil.”  Maybe liberals don’t care since they are not the ones being targeted.  But not so fast, they will eventually come for you too.

6-Just ask Bernie Sanders who was simply sitting in a chair by himself on a cold January day for Biden’s inauguration and was vilified for the crime of wearing wool mittens and a Burton snowboard jacket.  He was accused of representing “white privilege, male privilege and class privilege.”  He did all of that while shivering!  What was he supposed to wear, a Hawaiian shirt and Speedo shorts?  Leave it to progressives to focus on the absurd.

7-They are coming for George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Diane Feinstein in San Francisco as the school name cancellations continue.  Apparently when Feinstein was mayor of that city a confederate flag was flying (along with others) at city hall in 1986.  I guess sins are not forgiven nor forgotten because Sanders and Feinstein aren’t liberal enough.  I’m no fan of their politics, but they don’t deserve such criticism.  When will someone with authority stand up and say enough is enough? 

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