The internet and the vast array of cable channels provide an endless stream of entertainment and laughs.  I am not talking about the Comedy Channel or some hilarious podcast. No, I am referring to daily news. 

If you think hypocrisy is funny, then you loved Nancy Pelosi’s announcement to begin impeachment proceedings on President Trump, making her case to the public that it is her duty to impeach to preserve our democracy, because “no one is above the law”.  Unless of course you came to this country illegally, where Ms. Pelosi and the Democrats have no problem with the uninvited millions in this country. It is baffling that political leaders care more about foreigners than their own citizens. The Democrats don’t seem to mind when immigration laws are ignored and taxpayers get the bill for providing free education, healthcare or three square meals provided for convicted prisoners, or as they say in San Francisco, “justice-involved persons”. The DOJ reports 57,820 illegal aliens are held in federal prison, representing 30% of the population.  That doesn’t count those held in state\local facilities. Yet the Democratic presidential nominees want to abolish ICE and open the borders. If that happens, the joke will be on you.

Then there are the yearly complaints about schools enforcing dress codes, especially at Homecoming dances.  Eastern High School in Kentucky was the latest to field complaints because some girls did not meet the “maximum 2 inches above the knee dress length.”  Apparently Mom uses a different ruler than the school administration. Cue up cries of sexism. Of course, I’ve yet to see boys come to the dance in revealing clothing, so of course, the girls will get all the attention.  Apparently modesty and mystery is as outdated as 8 tracks tapes of Abbey Road. It is hilarious when a rule is stated and then people complain about it being enforced. These parents should send their questions to Nancy Pelosi, who can explain that no one is above the law.  Speaking of the law, the ladies from the Free the Nipple group recently won their lawsuit against the city of Ft. Collins to go topless. They are now free to lawfully show their “girls” to all. Chalk up another win for feminist empowerment. Now that’s funny.

Next, we have angry climate teen activist, Greta Thunberg from Sweden taking a racing yacht to New York City to address the U.N.  The new media darling is lecturing everyone that we should be in panic mode about the climate. Of course, the crew taking the yacht back to Europe has to first fly over to New York, thus creating additional greenhouse emissions.  At least they are not flying on a private jet like many Hollywood climate activists. Celebrities live by the old saying, “do as I say, not as I do.” Did I mention that hypocrisy is funny? 

Planned Parenthood has partnered with several music celebrities on a new marketing campaign, “Band Together”.  This action is in response to some states placing restrictions on abortion. I am too old to know who singer Billie Eilish is, but I am told she supports the “fight for fair and equal access to reproductive rights”.  It must be lost on her that if you are seeking an abortion, you’ve already reproduced. The campaign goes on to promote freedom, “because no one is free unless they control their own body”. I guess the singers missed the memo about the 2,246 aborted body parts found in an abortionist’s home in Indiana last month.  The singers don’t seem to be concerned about whether unborn babies get to control their own bodies. My guess, is if they were allowed to be born, they’d have plenty to say about the freedom to control your own body and avoid being exterminated. Nothing about this situation is funny, other than hypocrisy of the “control your own body” argument from the culture of death.

The constitution does not mention rights about healthcare, affordable housing, free tuition, student loan forgiveness and the new one from Bernie Sanders, nationwide rent control.  These “rights” are made up. But the constitution does specifically mention the right to bear arms. But laws really don’t matter to Democrats, as presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke recently said, “We are going to take your AR-15, your AK-47”.  I am all for taking guns away from criminals and having stiff penalties for any crime committed with a gun, but he is talking about taking guns from everyone. So his plan is to have government agents, with guns, forcibly remove guns from the homes of law abiding citizens?  Yeah, that sounds like a plan without any potential problems. All the while, if elected president, he’ll be surrounded by armed guards. He gets protection, while ordinary people who’ve had their guns confiscated are forced to hope that the local criminals have participated in the gun buyback program.   Don’t make me laugh.