We are celebrating Independence Day, but the constant attacks on America come from within.  It was obvious to Abraham Lincoln that a house divided against itself cannot stand. Pride month ended on June 30th, yet the new Democratic party seems to have no pride in America and is more ready to blame America and its traditions for all the wrongs in the world.  Apparently, Democrats don’t think Mr. Smith is lucky after all. Don’t believe me? Read on:  

1-The Democrat led St. Louis Park City, MN city council last month voted unanimously to stop saying the Pledge of Allegiance before each city council session.  The reasoning was “that in order to create a more welcoming environment to a diverse community, we’re going to forgo saying the Pledge of Allegiance.” The council further explained that, “not everyone who does business with the city is a citizen.”  So what. No one had lodged a compliant about the Pledge. This council prefers to worry about what a foreigner may or may not feel while simultaneously slapping the face of Americans. You know your political system is breaking when elected officials care more about made up hurt feelings of foreigners than its own people.  Make no mistake, you and I are last on the priority list. What sort of backward logic believes that saying the Pledge would make someone feel less welcome? Why would a foreigner be offended to see Americans showing loyalty to their own country? And if they were offended, why would you care? The Pledge is to the country, not to Donald Trump, the government or some system you think is rigged against everyone but straight white men. If you don’t love America, why are you holding a political office?  It is no surprise that this city is in congresswoman’s Ilhan Omar’s district. She came to this country as a refugee, but is part of the “Blame-America First” crowd. She seems to have no appreciation or gratitude for her adopted country and compared 9/11 as an example of when “some people did something”. No big deal to her. The Left, and their friends in the media constantly see everything as a byproduct of racism, or homophobia or white supremacy or toxic masculinity. With the frequent name calling, it is no surprise that American pride is diminished.

2-In Laguna Beach, CA, the town purchased new police cars and each letter in the word “police” were painted on the vehicle with a stars & stripes logo.  Some might call it patriotic, but this is California we are talking about. No, there were complaints that the logo was “shocking” and “felt very aggressive”.  Are you so self-hating that red, white and blue colors hurt your feelings? There sure are a lot of snowflakes in this southern California town that want to blame America first.  What would seem absurd just 5 years ago is now the standard of political correctness. What do they teach people in California public schools? Read on.

3-George Washington High School in San Francisco wants to cover up a mural of, take a guess…George Washington.  A public education in San Fran will tell you that the painting of good ole George “glorifies slavery, genocide, colonization, manifest destiny, white supremacy and oppression and doesn’t represent SFUSD values of social justice, diversity, united and student centered”.  I noticed that SFUSD’s values don’t include getting an education so you can get a job. Activists complained that the Father of our Country “traumatized” students. I am just imagining the scene: the students walk by this painting, see George in his white wig, and fear is triggered. The students start to shake uncontrollably with anxiety.  On each side of the painting, counselors are available with kale snacks, puppies and free massages. The students are quickly ushered into a safe space. Whew, a crises averted. Has the school board forgotten that it was George Washington who led the fight for America’s independence against England’s oppression? It is not a stretch to say that if it weren’t for George Washington, we wouldn’t have a country.  But, it is California, so you know it gets worse: the price tag is $600,000! Maybe I’ll go down to Ace Hardware, get a couple of paint cans and only charge $200,000. I’ll even grab a few dog treats for the puppies (fair trade organic, free range without growth hormones, gluten-free, and placed in a reusable bag, of course).