Are you ready for some football?  Well, our good friend Colin Kaepernick held a private workout last month in which all NFL teams were invited.  Reviews on his performance were mixed. Guess which of the following statements was said by Mr. K? “I don’t want to be a locker room distraction for any team.  I want to play football, make a team better and win a superbowl. I am done with politics.” OR “So we’re waiting for the 32 owners, the 32 teams, Roger Goodell, all of them to stop running, stop running from the truth, stop running from the people.  When you go back, tell your owners to stop being scared.” Of course, he said the second statement while wearing a slave referencing Kunte Kinte t-shirt. Yes, we are supposed to believe he being oppressed. I don’t think he really wants a job, but is more interested in getting attention and playing the victim.  He is more skilled at blaming others and being a victim than he is at throwing a football. I am not surprised that so far, no one has called him in for a tryout. Whomever he has advising him isn’t doing a very good job.

Advisors aren’t much better north of the border.  Canada’s NHL broadcast company fired famed hockey analyst Don Cherry because on Veteran’s Day he criticized immigrants for not wearing a poppy (Canadian symbol honoring vets).  The media’s headlines (of course) referred to his comments as “anti-immigrant”. What horrible words did he say? Luckily, they can be printed in this family friendly newspaper, “They come here, whatever it is, you love our way of life, you love our milk and honey.  The least you could pay a couple of bucks for a poppy, these guys pay for your way of life that you enjoy in Canada.” I interpret that to mean he merely wants newcomers to appreciate their adopted country, its vets and assimilate. Is that really so much to ask? I guess so since the NHL responded that Mr. Cherry’s comments were “offensive and contrary to the values we believe in.”  It sounds like another leader more interested in not offending sensitive foreigners than honoring its own veterans. Maybe the NBA commissioner is advising the NHL commissioner. That’s scary. 

The top Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren doesn’t have very good advisors either.  She wants to appeal to the voters that make up the “backbone” of our democracy. Who might that be? Ranchers in Grand County?  No. Farmers in the Midwest? Nope. Factory union workers? Wrong again. Small business owners? No way. The real backbone of our country according to Warren is “Black trans and cis women, gender-nonconforming, and non-binary people.”  I need a translator to figure out exactly who that is. I doubt it’s a huge constituency, and focusing on that group sounds like a winning strategy for Donald Trump. So what exactly is Elizabeth Warren telling us? If you are in the Left wing of the Democratic party, you’ll think she is supporting and elevating a marginalized group.  I’d counter that Warren and the rest of the Democratic party are saying this: if you are a normal middle class person that is too busy working your job to protest fake crises such as white supremacy, climate catastrophes and Trump’s Ukrainian phone calls, you don’t matter. That’s right, only fringe groups matter, and regular people are last on the priority list.  Well, maybe second to last, that is, compared to the unborn.

At the Democratic debate last month, Elizabeth Warren stated, “I believe that abortion rights are human rights.”  Does she ever listen to herself? Is her speech writer using a program based on a random number generator? Are unborn babies not human?  What does she think that unborn babies don’t have a human heart, a human brain and human body parts? Do they magically become “human” only after leaving the birth canal?  I think Warren has binge watched too many episodes of the X Files.