Liberals like to tell you that they are full of virtue.  I think it is more accurate to simply say they’re just full of it.  A few examples:

Democrats think of themselves as the party that fights racism and values women, especially women of color.  So why did six minority women resign from Elizabeth Warren’s Nevada campaign? They cited being “tokens” and not valued for their ideas.  A former staffer, Megan Lewis, said “there was something wrong with the toxic culture.” How could this happen in a Democrat’s presidential campaign?  Shouldn’t this be the last place you’d find racist and sexist attitudes? When asked about it, Senator Warren cited on MSNBC “racism and oppression in this country have a long legacy.”  So, she just blames America, while the left wing activist media host nods his head in concurrence. The real question to ask Warren is why is she hiring such deplorable people that treat minorities so badly.  I’m surprised she didn’t say that Trump supporters infiltrated her campaign office.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg worships the God of Diversity, so he made sure diversity was a top priority when hiring for his campaign.  His new campaign slogan should be “Diversity Trumps Competency”. Somehow, there are problems within the campaign and he recently sent a micro aggression survey to only those staff members of color, asking about their experience with their white colleagues.  The survey included questions, such as whether people were “being interrupted” or “left off an email chain” or “idea was ignored”. Mayor Pete sees this behavior as a problem only if a white person does it to a minority. I guess it’s not racist if a “person of color” doesn’t include a white person in an email chain.  Behavior can be racist, but it specifically depends on your skin color. I always thought that treating people differently simply because of their skin color was the definition of racism. But this is liberal logic. More importantly, the broader implication Mayor Pete is practicing is that if you’re a minority left off an email chain, you’re a victim and should be aggrieved.  Is he also saying that minorities are so mentally weak, that email chains need to be tracked for “micro aggressions” in order to avoid “triggering”? Isn’t that a broad stroke stereotyping minorities? Isn’t that racist too? But Mayor Pete along with the other Democratic candidates believe that America is inherently racist, which is unfair and untrue in my opinion. The real question to ask Buttigieg is why is he hiring such deplorable people that treat minorities so badly.  I’m surprised he didn’t say that Trump supporters infiltrated his campaign office.

Why wasn’t there enough support for the presidential campaign of Julian Castro, Corey Booker, Kamala Harris and Andrew Yang?  The answer is the same as always, racism and sexism. Joy Reid, an obscure MSNBC host said just after Kamala Harris dropped out of the race, “people, including the media but also would be voters, punished and refused to even consider Kamala Harris.”  She is blaming Harris’s lack of support on the media and Democratic voters (is there a difference?). Obviously, the media didn’t push and voters didn’t choose the most diverse candidate, and the only conclusion Ms. Reid can come up with: racism and sexism.  Did a bunch of right wing conservatives suddenly take over major media outlets? How is it possible that the very fine woke liberals in the Democratic party are racist and sexist? They must be, since Bernie Sanders, an old white guy, is the frontrunner. Is there something wrong with members of the Democrat party?  How could the party of “diversity” and “inclusion” not support a minority candidate? After all, who needs competency when you have diversity? The real question Ms. Reid should have asked is why are Democratic voters and her friends in the media such deplorable people that treat minorities so badly. I’m surprised she didn’t say that Trump supporters infiltrated the media and the Democratic party.