I am often convinced that Al Gore inventing the internet will be the downfall of our younger generation.  The hope 25 years ago was that people would be smarter as a result of on-line content. That hope is dashed, as shown by just a few examples.

Steven Spielberg’s 23-year-old daughter Mikaela was arrested for domestic violence last month.  Apparently she beat up her 47 year old fiancé, which delayed her previously announced entrance into the adult entertainment industry.  I suppose her father couldn’t find an interesting movie role there for her. Media reports of her parent’s reaction varied from “intrigued” to “concerned”.  I don’t think “proud” made the list. But don’t worry about Mikaela, since she explained that her new career is a positive and empowering choice and there’s no shame in her choice.  Does any normal person outside the Hollywood bubble think this is a good idea? What exactly is she empowering? Her choice is sending a clear message: she is a sex object. Did she miss the #MeToo movement?  Isn’t that the exact opposite message celebrities should be sending to young women and men? But maybe I am overreacting, as she clarified that her intent is only as a solo adult entertainer. And here I thought she was making a big mistake.

Perhaps Mikaela’s lack of respect for her own body led to two teenagers posting a video of themselves at a Planned Parenthood office on the popular site TikTok.  The pregnant teenager shows her stomach, and fist pumps her abortion celebration. The gleeful video is set to music. A pure disregard for both the mother’s body and the life of the unborn child.  New York Times writer, and Culture of Death advocate, Taylor Lorenz praised them saying, “It’s great that more women can speak openly and candidly about their abortion experience.” But another writer, Joy Pullmann had a different perspective.  “If you are going to live stream your visit to get an abortion, why don’t you really own it.” The entire procedure, from start to finish. Let the world see the ultrasound in real time as the abortionist suctions out the baby from the mother’s womb.   Time to dance around and celebrate? Own all of it. You want people to be “open and candid about their abortion experience”? Show what really happens to that tiny life inside.

But what do you expect when a major political party in America will not allow a pro-life candidate.  Democrats now take it even further than merely being comfortable with abortion. Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang stated, “We have to get back to the point where nobody should be celebrating abortion.”  But that’s not good enough for Dr. Logan Levkoff who tweeted, “This take on abortion is completely disqualifying.” Mr. Yang must do more than just “accept” abortion. He must do more than merely “tolerate” abortion.  The new Democrat requirement is that you must “celebrate” abortion. Does that thought process sound familiar? It’s just another example of the totalitarian Left. Other views are disqualifying and the unborn don’t matter.  The new Democratic mantra: Long Live the Culture of Death.

Predators on the internet and chat rooms are real and parents should be concerned.  But, sometimes, the threat is from the kids themselves. The latest social media fad is to get as many likes for the new “skull breaker challenge”.  This is where there are three people standing next to one another and the person in the middle jumps up. The two “friends” then kick the legs out of the middle person while he’s in the air.  The result is that the person free falls directly onto their skull. Some 7th graders posted their triumphant video while their friend landed up in the hospital. Who thinks of these harmful challenges?  And it is all in the name of getting social media notoriety. Thank you Al Gore.

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