It was quite a scene.  I am sure you saw it on the internet.  A gay couple was quietly having dinner at a restaurant when a group of religious fanatics started yelling at them, “Shame!”  They disrupted their evening, berating their lifestyle based on “moral grounds”. The restaurant owner asked them to leave, and this was during “Pride” month!  Twitter exploded in support of the owner, for “standing up for her beliefs”. Bad behavior or the wrong belief system deserves to be punished, right? A member of congress went on TV, calling for people to “push back” when you find any gay couple in a department store, gasoline station or anywhere else in public.  I guess conservatives want to punish people who have a different point of view. Oh wait, it wasn’t a gay couple, no, it was someone who works in the Trump Administration that was being harassed by self righteous zealots. Trump Derangement Syndrome is stronger than ever.

And it wasn’t conservatives wanting to shout down a political opponent, it was the Far Left.  You don’t have to listen to cable news very long to see to see the media, members of congress, celebrities and the Twitter accounts that are often quoted in news stories, to conclude that the Democratic party has moved farther left.  The far left has long given up trying to persuade Americans with a better ideas and it is now replaced with shouting, bullying and name calling. And many liberals cheer and call it justified. And the media eats it up.

They are so obsessed with hating Trump, that all rationale is gone.  What would be the reaction if Trump cured cancer? The media would decry with the headline:  Trump puts doctors out of business.

If Trump walked on water?  The headline: Trump can’t swim.

If Trump solved world hunger?  The headline: Trump causes poor kids to gain weight.  The sad and scary thing is that I am only half joking. Where did all the reasonable Democrats go?  It is difficult to find any “news” outlet that doesn’t have a political agenda. Politics is seeping in to everything, such as movies, sports, school curriculums, commerce, and the workplace.  It seemed like every company had to celebrate June as “Pride” month. Well, what if I don’t want to celebrate? Will they claim July to be “Traditional Marriage” month? Don’t hold your breath.

But political hatred is nothing new, it is very much exacerbated by the internet, social media and the 24 hour news cycle.  An actor was quoted when he called the president a “tyrant” who has “made himself king”, and one who goes on “wild tirades”.  The actor went on to describe the president as someone who uses “coarse jokes, has vulgar smiles and his policies are a disgrace.”  The actor? It wasn‘t Jonny Depp, Peter Fonda or Amy Schumer. It was John Wilkes Booth criticizing Abraham Lincoln.