20-Will Trump be removed from office?  Nope.

19-Will Colin Kaepernick start a game in the NFL?  I doubt it, with his diminishing skill set and the media circus that he brings, I think the only job he’ll have is “professional victim”.

18-Will democratic politicians continue to tell us that “no one is above the law”?  Yes, they will be staunch supporters of law and order, until the conversation turns to those snubbing our immigration laws.

17- Will Democratic lawmakers continue to praise the founding fathers, as they did during the impeachment process?  No, and as soon as impeachment is no longer in the news, they’ll want to remove their statues because we need to “evolve” as a country.

16- Who will win the Superbowl?  Chiefs demolish the Cowboys, 50-0.  Oh wait, the Cowboys didn’t even make the playoffs!

15-Will we ever see the robust restoration of the nuclear family, featuring one male and one female raising the children?  Probably not in 2020. The national average for a single parent household is 23%, the highest ever. Compare that to our economic rival China, which is at 3%.  This does not bode well for our society.

14- Will gun rights be a major item in the presidential debates?  It sure will, and for election purposes only, the Democratic nominee will back off from what they want, which is to confiscate guns from law abiding citizens. 

13-Will the Hallmark Channel bow to pressure from LGBTG groups to have a gay themed Christmas movie?  Probably, as no corporation has the fortitude to stand up to the gay militant bullies.

12-Will we see more or less evil in the world?  Sadly, there will be more evil, as evidenced by the new book, “A Children’s Book of Demons”.

11-Who will be the Democratic nominee for president?  I predict Elizabeth Warren.

10-Will our free speech rights continue to erode?  Yes, as liberals will push to ban and then criminalize “hate speech”.  Of course the liberals and tech companies like Facebook, Twitter and You-Tube will remove only the “hate speech” that doesn’t meet their political standards.  Ha, and you thought that the first amendment was still the law of the land.

9-Will “woke” politics begin to wear thin with the American voter?  Yes, just look at what happened with Britain’s election and it is likely that Americans will also grow tire of the “woke” nonsensical priorities of using the right pronouns, abolishing ICE, and fighting phony problems like white nationalism and toxic masculinity.

8-Will the most liberal cities, which have the worst homeless problem in the nation, make any improvements?  I doubt it. You just have to see the video of the brash homeless person defecating in the middle of a grocery store in San Francisco.  This is what happens when there are no consequences for actions.

7-Will people seek more friendships than “friends”?  Sadly, I see even more social media usage that we think will keep us connected, but in reality, it will keep us more isolated.

6-Will the “outrage” culture continue?  Yes, and this will be fueled by the media who constantly report what is “trending” and the Twitter reaction.  The invention of Twitter has led to a mob mentality, fighting with people you don’t know and the assumption that the Twitter universe accurately represents what all citizens are thinking.

5-Will Grand County experience a rise in traffic and visitors?  I predict record-breaking winter and summer seasons.

4-Will college campuses continue to suppress open and rigorous debate?  As more universities bolster up their department of “Diversity and Inclusion”, you can expect them to crack down on only approved diversity and sanctioned inclusive points of view.

3-Will Hollywood return to making entertaining movies and TV shows instead of trying to push a social agenda?  No, and since Hollywood is beholden to the Looney Left, I expect a rise in subscriptions for cable channels featuring shows from the last century.

2-Will the culture of death continue to prevail in America?  Unfortunately it will as long as long as progressives frame abortion and assisted suicide as “health” issues.

1-Will Trump be re-elected?  Yes, and if you thought liberals were angry at the 2016 election, you can count on seeing their heads explode when Trump wins again in 2020.