Marijuana/Cannabis/THC/CBD is harmless! It helps chronic pain! It calms the nerves! It can stem opioid use! It is a potential treatment for psychiatric problems! It can even improve your eyesight! Horse Pucky!

Picture two cars going east on a country highway in the two right lanes. They are both 20 years old. The slow driver is in the right lane and the fast driver is in left lane. The road narrows to one lane. The fast driver hits the slow one in the rear and bounces into the oncoming lane. The couple going west is killed. Neither driver is tested for Marijuana. Yes, you remember, that happened near the YMCA exit right here in Grand County. 

Testing for the weed is complex and not done on sight like walking the line or blow in the tube as is done with alcohol. So the effect of the weed on driving accidents is unknown. However, it is known that the number of accidents and deaths in Colorado has increased significantly since we the people made it legal. 

Next picture young women being brutally beaten by their young boy friends. Any connection to the weed? Nah, just coincidental! Are they tested for THC /CBD? Nah, they are already in deep trouble.

Not many years ago, I told my daughter that perhaps she should try Marijuana for her MS kind of aliment. After all, the libertarian in me says that grown people make their own decisions and news media says it may help. Yes but not when others can be harmed. Journalist Alex Berenson isn’t a Psychiatric Doctor but his wife is. His writings are my major source of facts. He has done the research and debunks every claim of the powerful Cannabis lobby/politicians seeking more taxes/media advocates. 

Read his book; Tell Your Children. Then tell your children. Tell them about the 17 year old Indiana boy who just died from Marijuana use. It is only effective for pain in a few narrow conditions. It encourages the use of opiates. Users are frequently subject to psychiatric problems like depression. 

It can worsen psychosis (a break from reality). The National Academy of Medicine found in 2017 that “cannabis is likely to increase the risk of developing schizophrenia and other psychoses” and that regular cannabis use is “likely to increase the risk for developing social anxiety disorder.”

As legalization spreads, ‘Marijuana ain’t your grandmas’ weed anymore. In the 1970s, most products contained 2% THC. Today marijuana routinely contains 20 to 30% THC! So if we the people knew then what we know now would we legalize the weed – especially with no easy “blow in the tube” test?