During the last few weeks, we’ve all been inundated with news of the virus. It is a challenge to stay positive and see the light at the end of this tunnel. But that light is what I see almost every day and it’s powered by the good people of Grand County.

As you read and hear all the news channels, and even the beginning of the blame game, let me share with you a few stories on just some of the good works of the people in Grand County.

  • Grand County Outbreak of Kindness – This group is serving what is called the “vulnerable population” by providing food, both at pick up locations and soon home deliveries. They are packing groceries at six location in Grand County, all by volunteers. For more info go to https://www.facebook.com/GCOutbreakofKindness/
  • Social clubs – My club, the Fraser River Valley Lions Club, is providing funds to various groups including the Mountain Family Center. In the coming weeks the Lions are also launching a “pop-up meals” program in partnership with local restaurants. More details on this program will be available shortly on the Grand County Garage Sale website. I’m sure other clubs are also finding ways to help and I would appreciate hearing from them. 
  • Fraser Valley Distillery – The entire team at the Distillery is making hand sanitizer daily. Their first batch went to the many first responders, including the police, fire fighters, EMTs, and hospital. They are mixing the hand sanitizers to the World Health Organizations specifications so it’s the best. The Distillery is also partnering with the Outbreak of Kindness organization to place bottles with each delivery. And the Distillery is not the only business helping. Carver’s restaurant in Fraser has been providing free meals since this all started.
  • Emergency Small Business Assistance Fund – With the goal of raising $1 million to keep small businesses in the county alive, a group of county organizations have already started raising money. To date, the (Grand) County government has pledged $100,000 and Granby $50,000. Other towns will be adding to this fund in the near future. The funds will be managed and disbursed by the Grand Foundation, which will be working closely with all these county governments. 

These are probably the best-known efforts to help our Grand County citizens, but it’s not all. I know one private group that has already raised $5,000 and are deciding how to get it to those who need it most.  No recognition wanted, just a helping hand by those who can.  

It’s also not all about money. One friend spends each day selecting the funniest items on the web and sending it to his contact list. Brief, non-political and guaranteed to make you smile. I also remember an encounter at City Market where one employee was in their lobby with a big welcoming smile when you came in. Her job was to sanitize the carts coming in, but her extra energy went to a smile and a kind word. She brightened my day, both on the way in and coming out.

If you have stories that show the wonderful spirit of Grand County, send me an email. I know I’ve only mentioned a few, and Grand County is known for its kind and generous character. 

It’s all about finding ways to stay positive and sharing your good stories help. One tip to find your smile — turn off the news or limit the time you watch the news especially as the blame game gains speed. We are Grand County.

Please send any comments and stories you may have to bebarwick@gmail.com. I’ll make sure they are mentioned as we all look to hear good news and stories.