In one month (assuming the stork is on time) I will become a grandfather for the second time, which is one of the true joys for being on the other side of 60. And granddad duty can by a handful, especially when she will be just a few miles away.

Wanting to get ahead of my many duties, and wanting more than just the usual assignments, I ventured off to the Fraser Library, part of the Grand County library system ( I already knew the library and staff were wonderful, but had no idea what they offered kids, most especially newborns.

What a surprise I found!

Stopping at the front desk, librarians Cindy Schinzel Hald, Mandie Zeigler and Jeanette McQuade were more than helpful. They offered advice in several areas. I also met with Jeanie Johnson, Director of PR for the entire county system. Let me share a few of their programs:

  •        The Dolly Parton Imagination Library was most exciting to me. The entire program is FREE (all courtesy of the various Rotary Clubs in the county) to all children under five. Once signed up, the child receives a free book from Dolly in the mail. What a great way to start your own library. As soon as her parents pick a name, my granddaughter will be signed up for Dolly’s Imagination program. And remember, it’s all FREE!
  •        And don’t stop there. There Grand County libraries have other great programs like the “1,000 Books before Kindergarten” and “Babies, Books and Bags”. The librarians will explain the various programs for you, but when you visit remember to get both your child’s new library card and a special gift. And starting June 4 you can sign up for the Summer Reading Program. You might even see me there, reading to my granddaughter.  

So if you have young kids, or like me just want a good read, stop by the library. They have a great program too where they’ll email you lists of best sellers in different categories (fiction, religion, non-fiction, etc.). It’s an easy way to find books that will interest you. The Fraser librarians also promised to start posting those lists in the library soon. Lastly, if going to the library is too hard, check out their e-library program. It’s the easiest system I’ve found anywhere, from finding a book to downloading to your Kindle, Nook or phone.


If you have stories or topics to share, email me at With the coming of spring, and trail maintenance beginning, I’ve starting working with Headwaters Trails Alliance to explore the much needed work they do to make all our trails usable, especially for those of us less skilled in riding over rocks and roots. With the new publication of the Rollins Pass book, that might be a good place to start.