On May 18, Melinda McWilliams wrote a letter to the editor highlighting her opposition to a certain politician. She called it “Trump’s Alphabet.”

It was inspired and creative.

I thought, “Maybe I can do something like this for the Fraser Valley.” I’ll call it the Fraser Alphabet Soup.”

A = Awesome. Now I realize this is a very weak beginning but there will probably be something better coming up.

B = Beautiful. See “Awesome.”

C = Crooked Creek. A place to play games and meet friends. Churches. Lots of churches.

D = Dogs. Dog doo. Dog owners don’t do dog doo do they? Crazy dogs! Dispensaries. Dispensaries dispensing dope.

E = Events. Blues from the Top. Ride the Rockies. Fishing tournaments. Folk concerts. Polar plunge. Switchback Music Festival, Tacos and Tequila, etc.

F = Fraser River. Still lovely even after being drained by the F’ing Front Range.

G = Grand Lake. Granby. Grand Foundation. Grateful Dead. Grandma Miller’s. Grand County Television

H = Housing. There needs to be more affordable housing or this place will end up like _______ (fill in your favorite overpriced resort). Hideaway.

I = Idlewild. Trail system. Distillery. Ski Idlewild. Idling cars and trucks. Lots of idling. Idling at the bank. Idling at the liquor store. Idling at the market. Idling by the police and by the policed. Idling in the winter, summer, fall AND spring.

J = Joints. Lot’s of joints for sale and being rolled.

K = KFFR community radio. 88.3 FM. KFFR.org.

L = Liquor stores. Lots and lots of liquor stores.

M = Music. A great local music scene from rap to folk to rock to jazz.

O = Open space. Even though there’s a lot of building and paving going on here the vistas are still wide open.

P = Path. The Fraser River Trail is a very nice amenity. Police. Lot’s of police policing the policed.

Q = Quebec. Winter Park, Quebec.

R = Rent. Rents are high here and pay for people who want to work here is mostly low.

S = Steep. This place is steep. Steep rents and steep trails.

T = Tubes. Tubing hills. Two. Two tubing hills? Tubes being pulled. Trains. Trains near the tubes.

U = Ullr’s. Unsightly medians.

V = Violet sunsets.

W = Windy. Wintery.

X = Ex-husbands in sad bars.

Y = YMCA. Youth. Great youth.

Z = Ziggy Marley.

Steve Skinner could think of more, just buy him a drink. Reach him at nigel@sopris.net.