Two conspiracy theories promoted by Donald Trump, CloudStrike and “deep state” got debunked lately, but if you listened to him or his Congressional supporters, and only supportive media, you may HAVE missed it. Conspiracy theories can only take root if a number of people think something sounds plausible and it  supports their preconceived notions or it serves their political agenda. Usually, if conspiracy theories are challenged and investigated, and the theory falls apart, people who once believed it, move on.  It is different from Donald Trump’s loyal followers. They declare evidence they do not like as fake news, simply disagree with conclusions without reason or presenting countering evidence, or dismiss the findings as tainted because the accusers and investigators are motivated by some hatred or organized resistance. 

Announcing an investigation into CloudStrike” is one of those “favors” Trump asked of  Ukraine President Zelensky in the infamous July 25 telephone calls that did kick off the impeachment process. The CloudStrike theory is that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 US elections on behalf of Hillary Clinton instead of, or just like Russia did. Ukraine persons may have expressed publicly their preference, but they did not conduct activities in the US like Russia’s. Trump and followers continued to tout the theory even after it was debunked by US intelligence and an NSC expert, Fiona Hill,  called a talking point Putin, a lie, advanced to deflect Russian blame for active measures in 2016 to Ukraine. FBI Director was quick to verify they found no evidence Ukraine interfered in 2016. Trump and his supporters ignore the evidence and still promote the legitimacy of the theory as a way to justify the favor he asked of Ukraine.

The investigation into Russian interference as detailed in the Mueller Report is still haunting Trump. While he was exonerated of collusion with the Russians because of a lack of evidence, he was not cleared of obstructing justice, regardless of how AG Bill Barr twisted the report. Mueller declined to indict him because of department rules. Trump and his advisors concocted another conspiracy theory to explain it away.  His response is that the “deep state” conspired to “get” him because they were politically motivated. Therefore, his logic follows, their claim of any evidence of Trump’s wrongdoing was suspect and tainted.

The Department of Justice’s Inspector General released a report this month that shot holes into the”deep state” conspiracy theory. A two-year investigation found the FBI had not acted to start the Russian connection investigation because of political bias. In fact, there were those in the FBI who were very supportive of Donald Trump, thought Hillary Clinton was a crook, and also those who had opposite views. However, none had acted on their political beliefs. The IG reported the FBI  did not bug Trump’s phones, did not launch the Russian investigation in 2016 without good cause, did not “spy” on the campaign, and the investigation was authorized in compliance with Department rules. They opened up the investigation because of DNC being hacked, intelligence reporting frequent campaign staff and associate contacts with Russians, and the tip-off by an Australian diplomat.

The investigation began two months before the FISA warrant flap over Carter Page, who was never charged, and months before the Steele Dossier, neither of which affected the investigation. If there was no “deep state”, the FBI was no angel, either, but what they did wrong was not politically motivated nor did it affect the final FBI findings on the Russian connection. That a lower level FBI agent had indeed misbehaved was not the reason the FBI opened the Russian investigation. However, department rules and the FISA warrant process were flawed. Trump’s loyal Attorney General, Bill Barr, said he disagreed with the IG’s conclusions (no specific reason was given). and he was quick to distort some results. and cherry-picked others.  For more, visit