Letter to the Editor

I was one of the first AirBnB (Short Term Rental) hosts in Grand County. I have always tried to be in compliance with all regulations, pay my fees and taxes, and be a good neighbor to those nearby. I love where I live, I love the people who appreciate and share it with me, I love hosting folks (and I love that I can be paid for it, working in my own home without bothering anyone).  But right now I am frustrated by county government! They enacted a 500% increase in my fees AND 10 more pages of regulations AND a whole new bureaucrat in order for me to continue compliance!  
And THAT is not even the rub! What’s the rub? It’s that  those fees and regs were to ensure compliance and streamline the process. The renewal process was to be available online as of 11/15/2017 for 2018 applications. WELL, the online process hasn’t worked for me at all and I haven’t been able to get the bureaucrat in charge to answer my messages. It’s been two months, this Friday I will Not be in compliance as I accept my first 2018 guests. Thank you Grand County Commissioners!      Richard Cimino, Merrit Linke, Kristen Manguso

Kathy Gilbertson

Fraser, Colorado