Idlewild Amended FDP continued to January 22, 2019

At the November 20th Town Council meeting, Community Development Director, James Shockey, told council the town had received a request for continuation of the amended FDP for the Idlewild Development. Citing the need to to work out details of recommendations given to the developer in August with two legal counsels, the continuation was necessary. Shockey added that public notice should be given as it had been continued since August.

Council unanimously approved the continuation to January 22, 2019 at 5:30 pm.

Council approves 2019 Budget

Town Manager, Keith Riesberg, told council that a public hearing for the town’s 2019 budget had been held at last meeting, on November 6th. The town had also received one statement expressing concerns with budget which would be read into the record. When asked, no further public comment was received.

Per Resolution 1659, the town’s 2019 budget assumes $29,591,900 in estimated revenues, and, $32,924,000 in expenditures.

Council approved Resolution 1659, the 2019 budget, unanimously.

Council moves all meetings to evenings in 2019

Following discussion at the November 6th meeting, Town Clerk, Danielle Jardee presented Resolution 1660 to council for consideration. The resolution revises the council’s meeting schedule to the first and third Tuesdays at 5:30 pm, with workshops scheduled to take place at 3 pm. It also lists an exception in January 2019, due to New Year’s day falling on the first meeting date. In January 2019, the meetings will take place on January 8th and 22nd (the second and fourth Tuesdays) at 5:30 pm. Council agreed the evening meeting schedule afforded better efficiency and unanimously approved the resolution.

Town adopts Memorial Policy

Capital projects and parks director, Gerry Vernon, presented Resolution 1661, the Winter Park Memorial Policy, to council for approval. The policy was developed with direction from council given during the summer and was a culmination of several months’ work.

Vernon told council the policy distinguishes between various monuments, historical markers and memorial benches. It also clarifies acceptable materials, the methods the funding and installation, maintenance and upkeep and acceptable locations. Staff will review all proposals prior to presenting them to council. The town also reserves the right to relocate or remove the memorial as necessary.

There is currently one memorial proposal in consideration and the new policy, if approved, would be applied to the review and approval process. Council unanimously approved Resolution 1661.

Winter Park & Fraser Chamber of Commerce updates

Executive director, Catherine Ross, presented the chamber’s 2019 budget to council, advising them it had been approved by the chamber board. Ross told council there were no big changes. “We’re going to learn from the things we have done, and, go with our strengths”, said Ross.

For membership, they are working with Grand County Higher Education to offer more educational opportunities to chamber members. Ross told them the November 13th chamber luncheon, introducing the Colorado Unfiltered brand, went well. The chamber is planning Toolbox workshops where members will learn how to use brand messaging, the logo, and, put it on their website.

They are currently looking to fill the vacant brand manager position and also propose adding a new  marketing and events assistant position to the budget. The position would ensure the website is kept up to date and help with sponsorship and events.

On marketing and advertising, Ross told council their goal is “to increase visitation through a comprehensive marketing effort”. Ross noted that there has been an increase in lodging stays the past few years, resulting in 10% higher lodging stays and a 5% increase in lodging tax revenues.

As for events, Ross told council the purpose of events is to activate businesses and promote overnight stays. In summer, the Thursday nights concerts fall under Community Development, since they’re not overnight-focused. The Chamber is looking in to surveying event attendees to  see where they are coming from.

Summer 2019 event planning is in full swing. Jazzfest is set for the weekend of July 20-21 with headliners Boyz II Men and Dave Kos. Tickets will go on sale Cyber Monday, November 26th. SolShine has been moved up to June 22nd, and, the one-day Switchback Festival is scheduled for September 7th. There are also several bike events coming, and, the 25th annual Run for Independence will be held on the 4th of July, freeing up the following weekend for Tacos and Tequila.

“All the shows are in preparation”, said Ross, adding that, “in spring, we may want to evaluate and see if there’s anything we need to cut”. Town manager, Keith Riesberg suggested they have a workshop in late spring, prior to commencement of the summer events. “We’ll know where ticket sales are at. It allows coordination and ensures we are all on the same page”, said Riesberg. “Then, in the fall, we’ll do a post-event meeting to discuss.”

The Chamber has also created a reserve for use when there’s a “bump in the road”, and, any profit generated from events will go into the reserve.

Staff Updates

For Transit, there are still open spots inside the buses for advertising. Catherine Ross offered to send out an eblast to members, reminding them of this unique advertising opportunity. Mayor pro-tem, Nick Kutrumbos observed that many businesses are waiting until mid-December to make their advertising decisions, so it’s too early to tell. The town is also able to fill open spots with marketing messages.

Housing Manager, John Crone, told council he’d been communicating with people to do public/private partnerships. They are still waiting for the Letter of Intent from Winter Park Resort, which is needed to secure funding for the Dimmit II Attainable housing project. Crone also told council that Hideaway Place is 100% full.

The town continues their search for a Human Resources and Finance Director, to fill the vacancy left by Bill Wengert in early November. Applications will be accepted through November 30th at which time they will begin reviewing and scheduling interviews.

They are also taking letters of interest for a Municipal Judge, through November 26th. Riesberg told council they should take action on an appointment at the next Town Council meeting, scheduled December 4th, since the current judge is retiring January 1, 2019.

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