Interested citizens meet to discuss Winter Park's new master plan.

Interested citizens meet to discuss Winter Park’s new master plan.

The Town of Winter Park has spent the last decade utilizing a well thought out master plan that helped set the stage for today’s policies, developments and infrastructure. The Master Plan from 2006 has been a successful road map for the community and a vast majority of the items identified in the plan of ‘06, a plan that weathered an economic implosion if you will, have been addressed over the years. “We are finally seeing the economy blossom” said Jimmy Lahrman, Mayor of Winter Park  “It is time to rethink the Master Plan and start looking to the needs of the community as we move forward.”

The last Town Plan has been used to evaluate projects and policies, write grants, and update code. The Town Plan is a policy document that helps town staff and elected officials make decisions on land use development and redevelopment, public services and facilities, and economic development. Developers also use it to understand how the town envisions its future and how their project might contribute to that vision. The Plan Update will provide guidance to the Town on how to appropriately implement new development and redevelopment within the community while also meeting the service demands that come with community growth. The Plan will prescribe a realistic and timely guide for creating positive change. Building upon and bringing together previous planning efforts, the Plan will be a tool for policy development, project funding and implementation, and public-private partnerships.

Winter Park and the Fraser Valley are poised for growth and with growth comes challenges. It is time to focus on the next couple of decades.Winter Park Town Hall James Shockey, Winter Park Town Planner said, “We want to reevaluate and establish a new plan, a plan that can forecast and implement the needs of the community and address the challenges in the coming years”.

The planning effort that will guide the future of the community for the next 10-15 years, and the public is encouraged to get involved in the process. This yearlong process will provide the public and user groups multiple venues and online opportunities to weigh-in as Winter Park continues to grow. The project team kicked off the planning process in July by conducting stakeholder interviews with the steering committee and key stakeholders, and attending public events.

A visioning event was hosted on Tuesday, September 19 at the Town Hall. About 50 people attended and expressed their ideas and concerns verbally and in writing.

Resident feedback will be used for Imagine Winter Park, the Town’s revised and updated Town Plan. This will create a roadmap for the future of Winter Park and provide a community supported vision and policies to guide the Town’s future land uses, and should incorporate the various departmental plans currently underway.  Lahrman added,  “We have developed some great partnerships throughout the Valley and are excited to see some of the behind the scenes work coming to fruition but we have a lot of work to do.”

Visioning Events and Feedback

How does the Town shape growth to be a unique and viable place to live, visit, and work? Residents can provide input on the community’s vision and identify opportunities throughout Winter Park that contribute to the Town’s goals. An opportunity to participate online will soon be available and other events and workshops are in the works.

About The Project

For more information visit The website will be updated throughout the process with upcoming events, materials, and ways to participate including online questionnaires.