Affordable Workforce Housing Project Details
Representatives from Davis Urban Architects gave a presentation about the Town of Winter Parks next affordable housing project, known as Dimmit II. During discussion, Town Council reiterated their focus on livability; creating affordable housing that inspires a sense of pride and community, and that helps seasonal workers choose to make Winter Park their year-round home.

Building Code Updates Approved
Winter Park Town Council approved the adoption of the 2015 International Building Codes, which establish minimum regulations to support public health and safety. Staff convened a working committee including members from the development community, Fire District, Grand County and residents, to provide input on the recommended updates.
Road Connections
After a Public Hearing, Winter Park Town Council approved clarifying amendments to the section of Town Code addressing approval of new roadway connections or modifications to existing streets, right-of-way, or trails. The language was altered to address both new connections and modifications of an existing connection. Evacuation routes and emergency response times were also added as a consideration of approval.

Code Board of Appeals Appointments
The Town of Winter Park Code Board of Appeals determines the suitability of alternate materials and methods of construction, and provides interpretation of Town-adopted building codes. Town Council appointed five community members to serve on the Board:
Troy Neiberger, 1 year term
Joe Gould, 2 year term
Craig Kobe P.E., 3 year term
Jonathan Larson, 4 year term
Steve Jensen, 5 year term

Olympic Commercial for Nordic Skiing
Grand Nordic recently received a request from a California company producing Nordic commercials for the upcoming PyeongChang Olympics requesting a photogenic young accomplished skier to apply for their production.  Several qualified locals applied and Tyler Scholl from Kremmling was chosen for the job.  In the space of a few days, Ty submitted his resume with photos, became a model, and reported to a one day gig on Tennessee Pass outside Copper Mountain Resort.  There were stops for wardrobe and makeup-stylist and then the work began.  The three skiers were shuttled by snowmobile to 10,000 feet where there should have been abundant snow but… this year there was only a strip of snow about 100 meters long.  At least there was hot coffee!  
“As the crew hustled back and forth gasping in the thin mountain air, the photographer shot photos of us from all directions.  His barking commands could be heard clear to Denver as we skied across the ribbon of snow close to 200 times.   …after two hours in 15 degree temperatures we were released to go home.  Was it an experience?  Absolutely!”  Asked about the start of a new modeling career, Scholl’s only comment, “ I don’t’ think I’m quite cute enough…yet.”

Local Author Panel at the Granby Library Community Room
The Grand County Community of Writers are hosting a panel of four locally published authors for a discussion on self-publishing, facilitated by Martin J. Smith. Featured authors include Patrick Brower, Kendra McMahan, Avis Gray and Tim Nicklas. Free and open to the public.  Wednesday, 2/7/18 from 5:30-7 pm