The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is reminding counties and all Coloradans to remain diligent. While counties can always choose more protective public health protocols, they have to at least comply with the state dial. This dial is defined by Executive Order and Public Health Order. It allows counties to relax restrictions based on case and hospitalization trends in their community, while still adhering to executive and public health orders, which remain in effect statewide. 

Colorado cases and hospitalizations appear to have plateaued, but epidemiologists advise continuing to follow public health protocols to keep the case and hospitalizations low. Everyone should continue to wear masks, practice physical distancing, wash their hands frequently, and limit gatherings with those outside of their own households. 

These simple protective measures are also effective against the B 1.1.7 variant, which was discovered in Colorado in late December. Scientists believe the B 1.1.7 variant is more transmissible.   

While the vaccine is already helping to slow the spread of COVID-19, it will take a while longer to achieve community immunity. 

“There is hope on the horizon, and soon vaccines will be widely available to anyone who wants one. We need everyone to continue to adhere to public health protocols until then, and until we know more about the level of immunity the vaccine provides and for how long,” said Eric France, chief medical officer, CDPHE. “We have all the tools available to us to avoid a spring wave– a growing supply of vaccines, public health orders that allow us to operate more safely, and protocols that protect us every day– let’s use them.” 

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