The haze from wildfires are burning across the west is socking in over the mountains.  Nearly 60 wildfires are burning in the west. Including the Big Red Fire NW of Steamboat as of 7pm the fir was a little over 800 acres.  Fire Officials are concerned as the Big Red Fire is showing extreme behaviors right now.  In fact a large part of the country is experiencing hazy skies due to out of control fires in states such as California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana.

Time outside should be limited and it’s a good idea to keep doors and windows closed until the thick smoke retreats. Headache, scratchy eyes and burning throat will be common symptoms during this period. If you experience any of the symptoms, avoid outdoor activities and limit your time outside. Air quality advisory will be with us for a couple of days. Cold front moving through Monday night will bring winds out of the north and should help improve air quality.