The National Sports Center for the Disabled had one wheelchair accessible van in Denver to transport people with disabilities to sport and recreation programs.  The van was stolen Sunday early in the morning. We would like to recover the van in hopes we can continue to use it for programming. A new van would cost approximately $40,000 and we do not have the budget to purchase a replacement at this time.

At approximately 2:00 a.m. on July 28th, the National Sports Center for Disabled’s accessible van was stolen from 1801 Mile High Stadium Circle. The van was then captured on surveillance video being used to break into a bike store in Littleton. is is the only wheelchair accessible vehicle the NSCD has in Denver to transport participants in wheelchairs to activities they would otherwise not be able to attend. Please help us get the word out and hopefully someone has seen our van and will report it.

NSCD is looking for any information on the stolen vehicle, including its whereabouts. If you have information on the stolen vehicle or the break-in, please contact Denver Police at 720-913-0400.