Fraser’s newest restaurant isn’t your traditional brick and mortar-style shop. Stuffed prepares and serves their tasty stuffed meals from their food trailer, which is currently located in the parking lot adjacent to Ski Broker in Fraser.

Stuffed is the brainchild of Jess Kennedy and Amber Donaldson, who decided to embark upon their business venture after they met four years ago through their husbands and became good friends. They both had a strong desire to manage their own business, and, after many discussions, they both agreed that a food truck was a great idea.

Jess is originally from Nebraska and holds a Master’s Degree in Recreational Therapy. She had worked with the National Sports Center for the Disabled for many years after which she moved down to the Front Range and worked in her field to save enough money to move back to the Fraser Valley. Amber hails from Fort Collins and has been cooking professionally since she was 19. She started by apprenticing with a French Baker and followed her culinary path which led to a position as Executive Chef at Bisetti’s in Fort Collins. Amber also helped open a Farm to Table Culinary School in Loveland prior to making the move to Grand County.

Jess and Amber bought the trailer about 8 months ago and spent the summer retrofitting it to work for their business.  Coming from Nebraska, Jess had always been a fan of Runzas, a bread pocket stuffed with beef, cabbage or sauerkraut, onions and seasonings, and the Stuffed concept was born.  

Everything served from the Stuffed trailer is made from scratch, including homemade pizza dough and locally sourced meat from ranchers and Middle Park Meat Company. Presently, they are working on creating a great green chile recipe using local green chiles. No matter what they are serving, all of it is served “with lots of love”. The Stuffed Food Trailer also offers catering services with expanded menu offerings which can be packaged to carry out, or, they can bring the trailer to your special event as well.

They hold a vendor permit issued by the Town of Fraser which requires them to move sites from time to time, but they are hoping to be in the Ski Broker parking lot for most of the winter season. They offer breakfast and lunch from 7 am to 2 pm, Wednesdays through Sundays. Their “stuffer” sandwiches take 15 minutes to bake, but they always have a supply ready. If you have a special order, or, are in a hurry, you can call ahead to (308) 991-1259. If you haven’t stopped by yet, it’s time you got Stuffed!