Granby Ranch, fails to pay property taxes and local officials call on the local law enforcement to make a statement by placing chains on the base area facilities.  On Tuesday morning, October 4th, law enforcement agents took control of the facilities at Base Camp and Golf Course after the tax obligations for the Resort reached the delinquent stage in the eyes of officials.

The Base Lodge and Golf Course were secured and Granby Ranch employees were escorted from the property during the seizure. According to Grand County Sheriffs Office, the county seized the property and were in the process of posting signage stating the details of seizure.  Just after 10am, Granby Ranch CFO Dustin Lombard presented county officials with a check for a little more than $104,000 to cover the resorts delinquent tax debt and the property was returned to the owners.  Reportedly the Ranch owes two years in additional Real Estate Property taxes. The home town resort in Granby, Colorado is showing signs of financial lassitude in light of the recent incident with County officials.