Eagle Wind Sound, a premiere recording studio that rivals studios found in Nashville and L.A., is hoping to add a feather in the cap of owner PJ Olsson this weekend.

Grammy-nominated chief engineer & lead singer for Alan Parsons, Olsson is part of the engineering group that caught the eye of the Recording Academy members who nominated a remastered edition of the Alan Parsons Project album Eye in the Sky, for a Grammy.

The Recording Academy receives over 20,000 entries per year. Entries are recordings submitted for Grammy consideration. Entries that meet all eligibility requirements are then voted on by the Academy voting members, and the results of that vote are the nominations.

Olsson feels like the chances are good they will bring home the award this year. “We worked hard to get it right”, said Olsson, adding, “the time we spent on every track made this project really special.”  Olsson and Parsons spent two weeks in pre-production, working through the original tracks that had been digitally converted at Abbey Road Studios in Westminster, London, England. Once they processed all the tracks, they took the recordings to Capital Records, mixed and mastered the entire project. The whole process took several weeks. Olsson said, “ This could be the year!?!  We will know in a couple of days.”

Alan Parsons, PJ Olsson and Dave Donnelly, have been nominated for the best immersive audio album of the year.  This year’s nominees for Best Immersive Audio Album are:

Eye In The Sky – 35th Anniversary Edition — The Alan Parsons Project

Folketoner— Anne Karin Sundal-Ask & Det Norske Jentekor
Seven Words From The Cross — Matthew Guard & Skylark
Sommerro: Ujamaa & The Iceberg — Ingar Heine Bergby, Trondheim Orchestra & Choir
Symbol — Engine-Earz Experiment

The 61st annual Grammy ceremony will air on CBS this Sunday, February 10th. The technical awards for Best Immersive Audio Album, which Parsons, Olsson and Donnley have been nominated for will be awarded on Saturday, February 9th.

Alan Parsons Project members including Olsson are busy rehearsing new songs for their upcoming tour and a Moody Blues Cruise, so they won’t be able to attend the big event. “It is super exciting to attend the event, but engineering usually just gets a nod, if anything.” Olsson said, “we are busy polishing our new material and really excited to get it out there”.  

Eagle Wind Sound, PJ Olsson and Tony Rosacci’s local destination recording studio in downtown Winter Park is offering an interesting professional studio session called, The Studio Experience.

The Studio Experience is Eagle Wind Sound’s newest offering for those that want to “Channel Their Inner Rock Star”. Participants get a feel for what the pros feel as Eagle Wind Sound engineers record their voice over professional tracks.

The experience offers participants the ability to choose from thousands of songs and invite friends and family to watch, hang out or sing along. They can make it a studio party with an entourage, get into the studio and cut a demo or just take home a sweet keepsake. And maybe, just maybe, be discovered.

Tony Rosacci, co-owner of Eagle Wind Studio, said,“This is a great opportunity to experience a professional studio environment.” Rosacci said, “we will put you in front of a high dollar microphone with headphones, turn the lights down low and let you go”.  It is something exciting and different. “Whether you are an amateur, journeyman or a rising star, this is a good way to get into a pro studio with professional engineers for little money”.

The Studio Experience starts at $129 for 90 minutes. It’s fun for all ages and groups are welcome.

Eagle Wind Sound will continue to offer “mini concerts” this year, live shows in the studio. On March 2nd, they will be featuring Shovelin’ Stone, a Colorado Duo with roots embedded in the Rocky Mountains, and a sound unhinged in the capital of Texas. The duo has a shared passion for old-timey bluegrass, a sound that brought Makenzie and Zak together. Within heartfelt lyrics and a unique musical composition, the folk sound that projects from these two is not only going to get the audience thinking, but on their feet as well. The road is winding, but one thing is for sure, that with these two at the wheel it’s going to be a wild ride. Tickets are available.

Eagle Wind Studios is located in the heart of downtown Winter Park. To book a session or a seat, call (970) 363-7725, or visit: eaglewindsound.com/the-studio-experience/.