Tuesday’s election brought many out to cast their vote for the myriad of proposed measures on the 2018 ballot. At the time of press, the Grand Clerk & Recorder’s office was still in the process of compiling results. Grand Clerk & Recorder, Sara Rosene, told the Winter Park Times “Voter turnout was great!”. She told us that a total of 7,599 ballots had been received. Of those, 1,656 were sent in by mail, and, 5,841 were dropped in one of the boxes located across the county. 310 electors cast their ballots in-person at one of the Voter Service and Polling Centers. With 12,013 registered voters in Grand County, that means about 58% of the county cast ballots in this year’s election, thus far.

Even after the polls are closed, Rosene expects to receive more ballots from overseas and Military voters (through November 14); ballots dropped by 7 pm on Election Day in other counties; ballots collected by Denver County at the General Mail facility by 7 pm on Election Day; and, voters opting to “cure” their signature affidavit by November 14. “Those numbers, as well as any Provisional Ballots, will affect our vote count”, said Rosene. To check the status of your ballot, visit: govotecolorado.com.

In Grand County, according to preliminary results released Wednesday afternoon, some candidates appeared to be clear winners and some measures were projected to pass, but, with more than 1,500 votes yet to counted, we will reserve space in the next edition to cover results that have been certified. To view the current election results and see how our county voted, visit: co.grand.co.us/147/Elections.