Photo: The skyline to the west of Middle Park High School tonight.    Photo by Michael Turner

Dry, windy conditions pushed the East Troublesome fire aggressively eastward today, forcing evacuations to within miles of Granby and Grand Lake town limits this evening. At 7:30 pm, a mandatory evacuation notice was ordered for all residents in Area H, from US 40 north and west of Highway 34.  Residents are ordered to take an overnight bag with necessary items and leave.  Do not call 9 1 1 unless you have an emergency. Leave gates unlocked / open to allow responders immediate access. Register at to assist with the re-entry process.

Flames from the East Troublesome fire dominate the northern skies above Granby Wednesday night. Photo by Michael Turner

The Grand County Sheriff has issued a PRE-EVACUATION notice for all areas EAST of Highway 34, due the growth and proximity of the East Troublesome Fire.

East Troublesome Fire Evacuation route: Highway 34 is running both lanes southbound. Trail Ridge Road is open. If going northbound, use right shoulder and be cautious. HWY 40 is open eastbound. Firefighters will be conducting burn operations north of HWY 40 between Hot Sulphur Springs and HWY 34. There will be visible flames with this operation. HWY 40 is closed in this area.

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