After being alerted to a fraudulent website claiming to sell Colorado fishing licenses, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) urges people to be wary of 3rd party sites offering deals on CPW products. CPW’s online shop and hundreds of license sales agents across the state are the easiest, most secure and best-priced methods of purchasing fishing licenses.

There is no guarantee that licenses purchased through 3rd party sites will be legitimate products recognized by CPW or that they will ever be delivered to the purchaser. Additionally, fraudulent sites often sell licenses at a significantly marked up price. Fraudulent sites have sold a resident Colorado fishing license for as much as $134, which is nearly $100 more than a valid resident license actually costs.

The agency’s official product purchasing website is, which is a secure method of purchasing all CPW products online, including fishing licenses. Fraudulent 3rd party sites may use or sell personal information from the purchaser, including social security or credit card information. The best way to ensure that private data is not maliciously collected from a 3rd party site is to avoid such sites altogether.

Starting March 1, CPW will be selling 2020 13-month fishing licenses. Customers will be able to purchase these valid licenses at, at a CPW park or office, or from an authorized Colorado sales agent in person.

If you have questions about purchasing a license at, the CPW Call Center can assist you at (303) 297-1192​, Monday-Friday, 8 am – 5 pm MST (except state holiday​​s). To find an authorized sales agent near you, visit