Amended Public Health Order
Today, Grand County Public Health has issued an Amendment Order to the May 29 Public Health Order. The purpose of this Amendment Order is to ease restrictions on specific protective measures. All other requirements of the May 29, 2020 Standing Public Health Order shall remain the same. The Public Health Amendment Order will become effective immediately, and will remain in effect until the final expiration of the May 29, 2020 Standing Public Health Order.

The Order Amendments are as follows:

Lodging Protective Measures

Resuming limited operations of pools, hot tubs and saunas and on-site exercise facilities occupancy. Including home, condo and apartment association pools, hot tubs and saunas. All operations must be done in accordance with CDPHE guidance.

  • Indoor pools, hot tubs and saunas may resume at 25% capacity, limited to no more than 50 people.
  • Outdoor pools, hot tubs, and saunas may resume at 50% capacity, not to exceed 50 people, whichever is less.
  • On-Site Exercise Facilities may open at 25% capacity, not to exceed 50 people, whichever is less, per room, maintaining six (6) feet distancing.
  • Sharing of equipment is discouraged, and equipment must be cleaned and disinfected between uses.
  • If more than one household occupies the gym both parties should wear face coverings.

Worship Protective Measures
Increasing the total maximum capacities permitted for places of worship including life rites and “for any activities within a facility, or coordinated through a religious organization”.

  • Indoor capacity – 50% capacity not to exceed 50 persons in a room.
  • Outdoor capacity – 113 sq ft / person not to exceed 100 persons in an outdoor space.

Recreation and Fitness Protective Measures
Permit movie and performance theaters to resume operations with an approved plan and compliance with the outlined protective measures.

The facility must track the number of individuals in each theater to create appropriate social distancing as follows:

  • Capacity shall be limited by the number of seats per theater at 25 % capacity not to exceed 50 persons.
  • Customers must be separated by a minimum of at least three seats to the side, and must alternate every other row.
  • Individuals residing in the same household will be considered one customer.
  • Six (6) feet distance must be maintained between customers.
  • The theater must be cleaned and disinfected between movie showings.
  • Mark concession lines for a minimum of six feet distancing.
  • Implement or maintain physical barriers for high-contact settings (e.g., cashiers).
  • Offer touchless payment options wherever possible.
  • Perform environmental cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms and high touch surfaces every two (2) hours and maintain a cleaning log.

Grand County remains steady at 15 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 since March. For the latest information, visit