Democratic Candidate for Governor Cary Kennedy proposes bold, problem-solving healthcare platform


How much will your healthcare cost over your lifetime? I am talking about from birth to death, the cost of an average human life.  

How much would you invest per month to never worry about healthcare coverage over the course of your lifetime?

Do you know someone that is afraid to go to the doctor because they don’t have healthcare coverage?

If the conversation started with the philosophy of human healthcare could we find a solution?


Democratic candidate for Governor Cary Kennedy, unveiled a plan to tackle Colorado’s continuing healthcare problems by lowering the costs of coverage and care, and improving accessibility for all Coloradans.

Colorado deserves a health care system that works. One that promotes health, is affordable and accessible and protects Colorado’s most vulnerable. But, right now, Coloradans lack both affordable coverage and access to care. We can’t wait for Washington to agree on a solution, so today Kennedy unveiled her comprehensive plan.

“Everyone in Colorado must be able to get the health care they need affordably. We can offer more choices, address the rural disparities in access and affordability, and lower costs,” said Kennedy. “That’s why today I am  proposing giving everyone in Colorado the ability to buy into our public health insurance plans. ”  

Kennedy is proposing allowing Coloradans to buy into Medicaid (Health First Colorado) or the state employee health plan. Both of these plans will give everyone in Colorado more choices at lower costs.

Colorado has made significant progress in health coverage. Ninety-four percent of adults have health insurance, and the numbers are even better for children: 97.5% of Colorado’s kids are covered. But too many Coloradans still can’t afford their premiums, prescription drugs, deductibles and out-of-pocket costs, and too many people simply can’t access the care they need.

And in many counties only one plan is available and premiums are out of reach, especially in rural Colorado where rates can be double what they are on the front range. A family of 4 in Montrose pays nearly $2000/month for their premiums.  This is out of the reach of too many Colorado families.

“Today, I am making a promise to Colorado — we can do better. My plan advances bold solutions that will help Coloradans access affordable, high quality healthcare services. We can do this here in our state, without waiting on Congress,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy’s plan lowers premiums by increasing access to the most cost-effective health insurance in the state, encouraging competition in the marketplace, and cutting costs across the healthcare system. All Coloradans, regardless of income, will be able to buy into Health First Colorado, the state’s Medicaid program, and the plans currently offered to state employees. This will result in more health insurance choices for everyone, especially rural Coloradans.

Health First Colorado provides cost-effective and efficient coverage. The administrative costs in Colorado’s Medicaid program are less than half the administrative costs of private insurers, resulting in significant savings.  Medicaid is one of the largest purchasers of health care in Colorado and offers consumers the benefit of a large pool. Because Medicaid is a publicly administered program, there is no profit margin, lowering costs even more.

In addition to ensuring every Coloradan can obtain insurance coverage, Kennedy’s approach will help make affordable care more attainable for everyone. Her plan includes a number of cost containment measures including prescription drug purchasing, better preventative care, reductions in hospital readmission, and better access in underserved areas.

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