Final Update:    Investigation is Ongoing.  Details will be included in a followup story.


Grand County Sheriff Update:  4:10pm  Decemeber 9th

The search for the suspect in the Idleglen area was resumed at 7:00 A.M. this morning.  Deputies were able to follow his tracks out of the area to main roads.  When it was determined the suspect had left the area, the search was ended at approximately 1:00 P.M.

Grand County Sheriff’s Deputies were following up on other aspects of the investigation and are working to positively identify the suspect who ran from them.


John Williams of Grand Lake Shared:  1:00pm   December 9th, 2017

Law enforcement officials from around the county are continuing the search for the second of two suspects wanted in connection with a string of burglaries today, though officials believe that the suspect was able to evade police and escape the Stillwater Pass area late after dark last night.

Law enforcement officials, scouring the surrounding area with dogs, ATVs and infrared drones stumbled upon the suspects tracks this morning. Officials believe that he was able to track back around County Road 4, and either got a ride or walked back to somewhere warm, according to Lt. Dan Mayer of the Grand County Sheriff’s Department.

While the name of the suspect has not been released, Mayer said the man is about 5-foot-8, 130-pounds, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Mayer also confirmed that the man is a local to the county, most recently living in the Grand Lake area. He was last seen wearing blue jeans and a black coat.

Grand County officials have ended the search at the Stillwater Pass area, and are currently administering search warrants on several locations connected with the suspect. Mayer said that a “fair amount” of stolen property from burglaries has already been recovered, and more search warrants are still to come. Mayer anticipates a formal arrest warrant for the individual will be granted soon.





UPDATE:   9:10pm  December 8th, 2017

Police have confirmed they believe the fugitive possibly is armed and dangerous and are warning residents to remain cautious and report any suspicious individuals or activities.  If you have information call 911.

Lt. Dan Mayer of the Grand County Sheriff’s Office put out a Press Release that covered some details in the case.

Around 9:00 A.M. on Friday December 8th, Deputies from the Grand County Sheriff’s Office attempted to contact possible suspects in a Burglary that occurred in the county.  Two males ran from Deputies in the area of milepost 11 on U.S. Highway 34.  One of the suspects was apprehended a short time later when he was found hiding in the crawl space of a residence on Highway 34.

Deputies followed the second suspect’s tracks in the snow into the area of County Road 4 near the Idleglen staging area and Stillwater Pass.  Grand County Sheriff’s Deputies, with a K9, tracked the suspect through wooded areas for at least 8 miles up into the Grand Lake Snowmobile Trail System.  The Middle Park Emergency Response Team was activated and assisted with the search, and K9 Units were called in from Summit County Sheriff’s Office.  Grand County EMS, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Rocky Mountain National Park Rangers, and Colorado State Patrol also responded and assisted in searching the area.

By nightfall, numerous members of Law Enforcement were unable to locate the second suspect in the heavily wooded area.  At 5:30 P.M., the search was suspended due to the dangers of searching during the night and after the area was thoroughly searched.

We are asking residents of the area to report anyone suspicious seen in the area, and Deputies will be patrolling the area throughout the night.  We have received information that the suspect could be armed with a handgun, but that information has not been confirmed.  We would ask the public to consider the suspect armed and to call 911 if he is seen.  The Grand County Sheriff’s Office also appreciates the assistance of many residents of the area that called in sightings and assisted in the search.



UPDATE:  3:05pm  December 8th, 2017
The manhunt continues and has moved its focus to the Stillwater Pass Area, according to Christian Hornbaker of the Grand County OEM office. Reports at 3:05pm.   15 Agents with 4 ATVS and drone support are working in multiple teams to track the suspect.  Agencies involved in the hunt include Grand County Sheriff  and Swat Team, EMS, OEM, Granby Police, State Patrol and U.S. Forest Service Patrol.  Details are still unclear, but we have confirmed the suspect is believed to have been involved in a string of recent burglaries in the area.  One of the two suspects has been captured and one suspect is still on the loose in the Stillwater Pass area of Grand County.  The suspect could be armed and should be considered dangerous.



INITIAL POST.  Decemebr 8th, 9am

Grand County law enforcement agents are searching for a suspect between Granby and Grand Lake.  The Office of Emergency Management sent out a Code Red alert,  urging everyone to remain indoors and report suspicious behavior to police.  They request residents to use extreme caution until the area is cleared and the suspect is apprehended.

According to Christian Hornbaker, emergency manager for Grand County.  This is still unfolding and we are not sure what the situation looks like at this point, but the Grand County Sheriff’s Office, along with the Granby Police and the U.S. Forest Service are currently looking for a man in a puffy black coat and stocking cap.  It was reported by a Grand Lake local that the suspect could be carrying an assault rifle although we did not get an confirmation from the Grand County Sheriffs office.

Residents are encouraged to call 911 if they spot any suspicious people in the area around Stillwater off Hwy 34 near Grand Lake.  At this point it is not clear whether or not the suspect is armed and dangerous, according to Hornbaker.