Happy 50th Birthday to East Grand Fire #4

At Tuesday’s meeting, Town Manager Keith Riesberg presented Resolution 1686, recognizing East Grand Fire Protection District No. 4’s 50th year as a District. The resolution honors and appreciates the District’s 50 years of service to the Town of Winter Park and the Fraser Valley with distinction, recognizing that it has been instrumental to making Winter Park a premier community. Council approved the resolution unanimously.

Three-Mile Plan adopted

Community Development Director, James Shockey, presented Resolution 1687, the town’s Three-Mile Plan, a long-range plan that outlines where the town intends to annex property

and describes how they will ensure adequate provisions of services within newly annexed territory. Shockey explained, “In the past, the Three Mile Plan was a component of the 2006 Town Plan. With the adoption of the 2019 Imagine Winter Park Town Plan, staff felt it was necessary to create a separate Three Mile Plan that would provide clear direction on how the Town will consider potential annexations in the future”.

The Three-Mile Plan identifies eight potential parcels: the Snowshoe parcel (east of Hideaway Park), the Valley Hi Motel parcel, Pyne Properties (north & south); Denver Water (east & west); and a US Forest Service parcel southeast of town. The Three-Mile Plan lays the foundation under which to move forward.

After discussion about each of the parcels, which have varied opportunities for future development and annexation, the council approved Resolution 1687 unanimously.

Manager and Mayor Report

Town Manager Riesberg told the council that Transit Manager, Michael Koch, had secured a $200,000 grant from CDOT for the design of the new Lift Operations Center on County Road 5. Koch is also pursuing funding for construction of the new Center and has already raised $930,000 this year for facility design and vehicle replacement. He added that the application for a Special Use Permit for the facility goes before the county Planning Commission on May 8th.

Manager Riesberg added that they had begun work on the design of the new public works facility and were moving forward rapidly. He advised council there would be several contracts coming through in the next few months.

Mayor Jimmy Lahrman told council he and the town manager recently made a presentation to the Grand County Board of Realtors, with close to 60 in attendance. “It was good back and forth discussion with folks who are very engaged with our community”, said Mayor Lahrman.

Mayor Lahrman told council he would also be giving an update to the commissioners and new county manager, Kate McIntire, at a BOCC meeting in May.

Lastly, Mayor Lahrman discussed a letter the Town had received from Mayor Philip Vandernail of the Town of Fraser. A similar letter had also been sent to the county. In the letter, the town is seeking monetary support toward a $50,000 local contribution necessary to obtain $500,000 in CDOT funding for design and engineering work to extend beyond CR 8 to the intersection of CR 5 and US 40.

Council discussed whether the design and construction impacted the town. The new Lift Operations Center would be accessed by the road, but they had identified the new transit facility required no improvements to that intersection.

Manager Riesberg stated, “It is an appropriate ask from the county. I do not see this as something i would recommend”. He clarified this did not mean the town does support the town of Fraser. “We are working very closely on a sustainability assessment in support of their recycling efforts. Funding of highway improvement projects is not one that makes sense.”

Mayor Pro-tem Nick Kutrumbos agreed, saying, “This is the responsibility of the county”.

Mayor Lahrman directed staff, “I would like to respond by saying we are in full support of the project, but this is the county’s responsibility to fund”.

Council items for discussion

The architect for the new transit center in Cooper Creek Square has been selected and they are working on executing the agreement with WC Johnson. Mayor Pro-tem Kutrumbos asked staff to make sure that technology is built initially to allow for future ticketing services at the new center.

To learn more, visit: wpgov.com.