On April 3, local communities will hold elections for Mayoral, Council and Trustee seats.

Fraser Trustees Andy Miller, Katie Soles and Cody Clayton Taylor are up for re-election for the four-year terms. Both Andy Miller and Katie Soles are running for re-election and residents Barry Young, Kim Daniels and Barry Young have also thrown their hats in for a seat. The election will be held via mail-in ballots which can be returned by mail or dropped off at Town Hall.

Granby will hold their election at the Granby Town Hall on April 3 to fill four seats. Trustees Greg Mordini and Nick Raible are running for re-election, and, residents Josh Hardy, Natascha O’Flaherty and Mary Tindle are also taking part in this year’s race.

In Grand Lake, four Trustee’s seats are open. Trustee Shawn Bruegger will run for re-election, and Grand Lake locals Dustin Barnes, Lisa Brazil, Thomas Bruton, Andy Murphy, Phyllis Price, Lance Sabo, Cindy Southway and Tom Weydert will compete to fill the Town’s Board of Trustees vacancies. Grand Lake will hold their election at the the Grand Lake Town Hall on April 3.

A lack of candidates in Hot Sulphur Springs means that Trustees Tim Harvey, Nathana Janca, Dan Nolan and Sally DiSciullo will retain their seats for another term, and, with no opposition, Mayor Robert McVay will also retain his standing.

Kremmling also has four Board seats coming open, with Trustees Grace Bohall, Wes Howell and Scott Crandall running for re-election. Newcomers Holly Martinson, Peter, Moschonas, Leo Pesch III, Dave Sammons, Richard Terwilliger and Erik Woog will compete for the open seats as well. Mayor Thomas Clark is running for re-election and will face-off with candidate Grover Pryor. The Town’s election will be held via mail-in ballot.

In Winter Park, there will be four Council seats open. Council members Nick Kutrumbos, Charles Banks and Chris Seeman will seek re-election, and residents Art Ferrari, Stewart Goldenberg, Heather Green and Kyle Jenkins are competing for seats as well. The Town will hold their election on April 3 at the Winter Park Town Hall.

With the exception of Fraser, in each of the other Towns, the three Board candidates that receive the most votes will serve four-year terms, and the fourth will serve a two-year term.